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Audio Tapes from the Midwifery Today
Philadelphia 2002 Conference

Learn about birth from teachers such as Michel Odent, Nancy Wainer and Penny Simkin. Recorded at the Philadelphia conference in 2002, these tapes include information on prolonged labor, mother-assisted birth, and breech birth. For information about upcoming conferences, click here.
Midwifery Today audio and video tapes are non-refundable.
Tapes with technical problems may be exchanged for other titles or for credit with Midwifery Today within 90 days of purchase. For more information, please see the FAQ

How to read audio tape codes:
The first 2 digits indicate the year the tape was made.
The digit just before the T tells how many tapes are included. 1T is one tape, 2T is a two-tape set, and so on.
The rest of the number is the individual tape number.

How to find audio tapes:
If you're looking for tapes on a specific topic or with a specific teacher, the best way to find them is to use the search function (just click on the SEARCH button above). If you include the word audio in your search along with the topic or teacher name, only audio tapes (or packages that include tapes) with that topic or teacher will show up.

Code Name Price    
021T1098 Opening Session: Birth Renaissance (Audio Tape) $9.00
021T1099 Birth Dance (Audio Tape) $9.00
021T1104 Gynecology from an Alternative Perspective (Audio Tape) $9.00
021T1107 Mother-Assisted Birth, a New Standard of Care (Audio Tape) $9.00
021T1108 Helping Women Resolve Their Past Births (Audio Tape) $9.00
021T1109 Keeping Birth Normal (Audio Tape) $9.00
021T1110 More than the Birth of a Baby (Audio Tape) $9.00
021T1111 Birth Renaissance, Childbirth with Love (Audio Tape) $9.00
022T1101 Breech Birth and Twins (Audio Tape) $16.00
022T1102 Tricks of the Trade (Audio Tape) $16.00
022T1103 Birth Renaissance Around the World - Models that Work (Audio Tape) $16.00

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