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Emotional Support for the Pregnant and Birthing Woman

Birth is more than a physiological event. It is a core experience that touches our deepest feelings in many ways. These audio tapes from Midwifery Today conferences will help you learn to identify and deal with many of the emotional responses and problems a woman may have.
Midwifery Today audio and video tapes are non-refundable.
Tapes with technical problems may be exchanged for other titles or for credit with Midwifery Today within 90 days of purchase. For more information, please see the FAQ

How to read audio tape codes:
The first 2 digits indicate the year the tape was made.
The digit just before the T tells how many tapes are included. 1T is one tape, 2T is a two-tape set, and so on.
The rest of the number is the individual tape number.

How to find audio tapes:
If you're looking for tapes on a specific topic or with a specific teacher, the best way to find them is to use the search function (just click on the SEARCH button above). If you include the word audio in your search along with the topic or teacher name, only audio tapes (or packages that include tapes) with that topic or teacher will show up.

Code Name Price    
961T499 Basic Strategies for Change: Help Clients Change Their Dysfunctional Behavior and Thinking (Audio Ta $9.00
932T2 Counseling as a Tool in Your Birth Kit (Audio Tape) $16.00
942T68 Counseling as a Tool in Your Birthkit (Audio Tape) $16.00
951T307 Counseling as a Tool in Your Birthkit (Audio Tape) $9.00
962T420 Counseling Principles for Midwives and Childbirth Educators (Audio Tape) $16.00
964T413 Counseling Techniques for Helping Sexually and Physically Abused Birthing Women (Audio Tape) $26.00
961T486 Counseling Techniques for Midwives (Audio Tape) $9.00
964T463 Counseling Techniques for Sexually Abused Birthing Women (Audio Tape) $26.00
951T309 Early Childhood Influences on the Birthing Woman (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T781 Effective Emotional Care for Childbearing Women (Audio Tape) $9.00
001T996 Emotional Issues in Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T766 Emotional Issues in Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T812 Emotional Issues in Pregnancy (Audio Tape) $9.00
931T25 Emotional Support in Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00
962T522 Emotional Support in Labor (Audio Tape) $16.00
972T727 Emotional Support in Labor and Birth (Audio Tape) $16.00
972T571 Emotional Support in the Birthing Cycle: Mothering the Mother (Audio Tape) $16.00
961T379 Family Violence in Pregnancy and Birth (Audio Tape) $9.00
932T1 Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Birthing Woman (Audio Tape) $16.00
941T69 Postpartum Counseling (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T675 Prenatal Care for Emotional Well-Being (Audio Tape) $16.00
941T143 Preventing Substance Abuse (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T715 Sexual Abuse and the Birthing Woman (Audio Tape) $16.00
964T363 Working With Sexually Abused Birthing Women (Audio Tape) $26.00
951T268 Working with Sexually Abused Women (Audio Tape) $9.00
DTP5 Doula Audio Tape Package - Five Tapes $65.00
DTP10 Doula Audio Tape Package - Ten Tapes $90.00
011T1054 Emotional Issues in Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00

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