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Birth Books by Other Publishers

Choose from some of the best and most essential birth and midwifery books published in the world today.

Wild Naked Ladies: Mother Nature's Design for Birth
Code: WN13
Price: $25.00
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Diana Paul

From “Attending” to “Zone,” Wild Naked Ladies is a pictorial alphabet celebrating birth. Each letter has a two-page spread where it is lovingly illustrated by a photograph or artwork and accompanying text. For example, “Bonding” features a black and white photograph of a father holding his newborn while an older child looks on. The text is an excerpt from The First Hour of Life, by Marshall Klaus, MD.

You’ll love “Instinct,” with its photo of a mother embracing her newborn. Included in the text are these words of wisdom: “I like to think that every laboring woman is given a sacred ‘how to’ birth script.... She reads it by instinct.” The smiling baby of “Laugh” will make you smile; the text is the story of how laughter brought on labor. “Womb” is illustrated by a lovely color photo of a pregnant belly; the text includes the poem “Rocking” by Gabriela Mistral.

Other words include “Kindness,” “Prayer,” “Receiving,” “Universe” and “VBAC.”

Buy Wild Naked Ladies for yourself. Or buy it as a special gift for someone who loves birth and babies as much as you do.

Paper, 62 pages


Understanding Diagnostic Tests in the Childbearing Year, 7th edition
Code: UDT07
Price: $65.00
Quantity in Basket:  none

UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air Shipments: Our published shipping rates for UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air do not apply to Understanding Diagnostic Tests. Please e-mail or call 1-800-743-0974 for a quote to ship this book by UPS 2nd Day or Next Day Air. We must receive authorization by 1 PM Pacific Time to ship your order the same day.

By Anne Frye

The newly updated edition of Anne Frye's best seller!

This book helps practitioners understand diagnostic tests and provides a holistic perspective on test results. Parents, doulas, educators, nurses and doctors as well as midwives find it an invaluable reference. The 7th edition is updated and expanded by around 395 pages.

1365 pages.


The Midwife’s Journal: Birth Log and Memory Book
Code: MJL
Price: $18.99
Quantity in Basket:  none

Designed and illustrated by Bonnie U. Gruenberg, CNM, MSN

Use The Midwife’s Journal to record the essentials of up to 100 vaginal births and 20 cesareans.  Generous margins and blank pages give you space to tell the story of each birth and to write down your impressions and reflections.  A section for addresses and telephone numbers and an appendix of forms and charts keep useful information close at hand. The one-of-a-kind freestyle index lets you compile statistics or quickly find complicated cases or other significant events.

As an added bonus, all of this is enhanced by the author's inspiring pencil drawings honoring women and children, birth and renewal.

Durable enough to be carried in your birth bag and subjected to the rigors of daily use, this unique organizer is ideal for midwives, physicans, doulas, nurses, and other childbirth professionals. There is a blank space on the spine where you can label each volume for long-term reference.

Hardcover, 96 pages


Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets
Code: PCS
Price: $19.95
Quantity in Basket:  none

Free shipping on this item.

Gail J. Dahl

Learn how to prepare for a positive childbirth experience. Read Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets to discover how you can have an easier, safer and gentler birth no matter where it takes place–at home, at a birth center or in the hospital.

With information gleaned from mothers, top childbirth professionals, and researchers, this book explains what to expect month by month and what you can to do have a good birth experience. For example, you’ll learn that

  • You should eat and drink fluids at the beginning of labor and drink fluids throughout your labor. This is the best natural pain reliever for childbirth.
  • You should remain active and change your position at least every twenty minutes during labor.

The information in Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets is valuable for both soon-to-be and new mothers and serves as an important educational tool for men. Topics covered include natural fertility options, exercise during pregnancy, natural remedies for morning sickness, advantages of a doula and the benefits of professional labor support. You’ll also learn about new effective natural pain relief for labor, positive childbirth preparation, your partner’s role in childbirth and how you can overcome common labor challenges.

Paper, 284 pages.


Midwife’s Assistant Orientation Manual (PDF book)
Code: MA13
Price: $39.00
Quantity in Basket:  none

Birth Joy Consultants
Charlene Campbell, LM, CPM, BSM, MSM

The Midwife's Assistant Orientation Manual goes hand in hand with the DVDs for student midwives created by the same author. This easy-to-use PDF book is complete with a digital table of contents; just a simple click will bring you directly to the topic of your choice.

The Midwife's Assistant Orientation Manual PDF is a detailed and comprehensive “How To” for the student midwife who is preparing for the clinical setting. It is packed with information and has everything from how to set up for births and prenatal visits to graphic step-by-step instructions for important skills such as blood draw, intramuscular injection and even IVs. You can use it as a supportive learning tool which will help to reinforce what you are learning as you watch the DVDs in the student midwives series. This PDF will help prepare you to have the confidence you want as you enter or continue your clinical preceptorship.

Topics covered include:

  • Requirements and Ethics
  • Duties at Birth
  • Intermittent Auscultation of Fetal Heart Tones
  • Water Births
  • After the Birth
  • Home Birth Setup
  • General Charting Skills for Clinic or Births
  • Keeping Accurate Records at the Birth
  • Client Information for Charting Practice
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Skills Review
  • Leopold’s Maneuvers

Please note: This book is not available for immediate download. You will receive an e-mail with download instructions within 48 hours of purchase, excluding weekends and holidays. This product is not refundable once you receive the download instructions.

Notice to schools and groups: There is a per manual fee for use in a class setting, but at a discounted rate. For further details, please e-mail

PDF file, 193 pages, 4.81 mb


Mending Invisible Wings: Healing From the Loss of Your Baby  
Code: MIW
Price: $29.50
Quantity in Basket:  none

Mary Burgess

Designed as a healing journal for mothers who have lost their babies though late-term miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, Mending Invisible Wings invites grieving parents on a creative journey that will honor both mother and child and create a sacred place for healing.

The journal is divided into four parts, each filled with healing words, poems and a variety of exercises. Each exercise includes an action, an affirmation and a self-nurturance activity designed to help the mother move through her grief. There are also plenty of blank pages where she can write her own affirmations, tell her story or express herself through drawing or painting.

Mending Invisible Wings includes over 20 insightful black and white line drawings by Shiloh Sophia McCloud—drawings that can comfort a mother who is yet too grief-stricken to read or write words.

This book adds just what is needed to the healing realm of birth loss and would make a profound gift for any mother who has lost a child.

Spiral-bound, 8.5" X 11"  162 pages


Healing Passage, 6th edition
Code: C411AF2
Price: $75.00
Quantity in Basket:  none

UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air Shipments: Our published shipping rates for UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air do not apply to Healing Passage. Please e-mail or call 1-800-743-0974 for a quote to ship this book by UPS 2nd Day or Next Day Air. We must receive authorization by 1 PM Pacific Time to ship your order the same day.

A Midwife’s Guide to the Care and Repair of the Tissues Involved in Birth

By Anne Frye

Even if you have an earlier version, you’ll want to own this brand-new edition of Healing Passage. Completely revised and rewritten, the sixth edition is more than twice as long as the fifth, with 691 pages packed with vital information about the art and science of perineal care and repair.

When you open this book, you’ll see that the anatomy section has been completely overhauled and includes the latest understanding of the structure and function of the pelvic cavity tissues. The suturing lessons have been expanded and the information about tear repair has been updated. You’ll also find a completely new pelvic floor model with pattern and instructions in the appendices.

Healing Passage. is a must-have book for midwives and other birth practitioners, from aspiring and beginning midwives to those who have decades of experience. If you work with pregnant and laboring women, you need this book.

Spiral-bound, soft cover, 691 pages


Botanical Medicine in Midwifery Practice: A Guide for Women's Health Professionals (Book)
Code: BMMP
Price: $20.00
Quantity in Basket:  none
By Susan Perri

What are the appropriate uses of medicinal herbs based on tradition and science? This book will help you find the answers.

Perri, a clinical herbalist, advocates "conscious awareness", that is, respect for the cause and effect of any medicine, conventional or herbal. She explains the use of extracts and the differences between standard, alcohol and water based preparations. You'll also appreciate the glossary of plant categories and the comprehensive list of herbal resources, products and supplies.

In chapter 2 you'll learn about conventional health risks. Perri reviews hysterectomy, oral contraception and issues in pregnancy. The conventional philosophy is explained, along with the risks associated with certain interventions.

The final section consists of information about essential herbs for women. From PMS to natural labor augmentation, this is a treasure chest of remedies, including safety and efficacy information.

Botanical Medicine in Midwifery is a good source of basic herbal information; this book is perfect for students and others who are just beginning to learn about herbs.

Comb-bound, 44 pages, 2002.


Birthsong Midwifery Workbook, 6th Edition
Code: BSMW
Price: $39.95
Quantity in Basket:  none

By Daphne Singingtree

Are you an aspiring midwife attending school or on a self-study course? This workbook/study guide is just what you need!

Are you an experienced midwife preparing for an exam? Use this book as a refresher guide to help you study.

When you open the sixth edition of the Birthsong Midwifery Workbook you'll find 13 chapters that cover the basics of normal birth and midwifery:
  * Midwifery-Yesterday and Today
  * Studying Midwifery
  * Terminology for Midwives
  * Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology
  * The Beginning of Life
  * Normal Pregnancy
  * Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy
  * Preventing Infection
  * Prenatal Care
  * Normal Labor & Birth
  * Placenta & Postpartum
  * Normal Newborn
  * Breastfeeding

Daphne is a natural at teaching in an organized way: Every chapter begins with a list of objectives, and subjects are clearly stated and easily located. The many exercises, self-tests, informative line drawings and crossword puzzles are all designed to help you learn the basics of birth and midwifery. Each chapter also has a short list of resources for further reading.

Start on the path to your midwifery calling. Order your copy today!

Paper, 376 pages.


Birth Emergency Skills Training: Manual for Out-of-Hospital Midwives
Code: BEST
Price: $36.00
Quantity in Basket:  none

Bonnie U. Gruenberg, CNM, MSN, CRNP, EMT-P

If you attend birth in homes and birth centers, you'll seldom encounter emergencies, but when crisis occurs, lives hang in the balance! It is difficult to remain proficient in skills so seldom practiced, yet pregnant women rely on your expertise in an emergency.

Birth Emergency Skills Training: Manual for Out-of-Hospital Midwives is the interface between the world of midwifery and the world of medicine. It takes you from the initial steps of intervention though definitive care, balancing a friendly tone and visual appeal with authoritative and clinically useful information. You'll find mnemonics and other memory aids, as well as the author's artful drawings and photography.

Paper, 305 pages


Belly Mapping Workbook
Code: BM11
Price: $14.95
Quantity in Basket:  none

Gail Tully

Belly mapping empowers a pregnant woman to discover her baby’s position in late pregnancy. This technique can be a fun bonding activity and is often used for proactive childbirth preparation using optimal fetal positioning.

Three steps take mothers from mystery to naming her own baby’s position. A transparency matches the chart of kicks and bulges the mother feels to a fetal drawing. In addition, 100 drawings and photos take the mother and midwife through details of head-down and breech babies. You’ll find tips on noting engagement, on how to help baby engage and how to tell if baby is posterior. There is also a short guide to Spinning Babies and posterior labors.

Gail’s calm approach includes affirmations of trusting birth to make this booklet a joy to share with families in a midwife’s care.

Paper, comb-bound, 46 pages 


The Down to Earth Birth Book
Code: DEB15
Price: $44.00
Quantity in Basket:  none

Jenny Blyth

A practical guide to natural birth

The Down to Earth Birth Book gives you practical information about how to have a natural birth in any setting. The major sections are Healthy Pregnancy and Birth Preparation, Natural Birth, After Birth Care, and Growing Love (newborn care). Within these sections youíll find information about herbs, nutrition, exercise, yoga, massage, breathing for birth, the stages of labor, waterbirth, breech birth, mastitis, foods for early breastfeeding and much more. All of this information is presented in a well-organized manner; you can just skim the detailed table of contents to find the topics that interest you.

This large and beautiful book is also filled with diagrams, illustrations and over 90 color and black and white photos that will help you understand the intricacies of natural birth.

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink, The Down to Earth Birth Book is a book you will return to time and again for information on birth preparation, as an in-the-moment birth guide, and as a reference for after the birth. Published in Australia.

Paper, 8" x 11", 288 pages


Birth Affirmations
Code: BA15
Price: $12.95
Quantity in Basket:  none

Susan Singer

Are you looking for something your clients can carry with them that will offer them support, comfort and a vision of a healthy, empowered birth? Susan Singer’s Birth Affirmations contains 69 affirmations and 29 delicate drawings which cover Pregnancy, Birth, After Birth, and Nursing. The tiny book, 4" x 5", fits in the purse or by the bedside table where it will become daily reading, an ideal way to help your clients to dispel any fears they may have and to create a positive atmosphere for their baby’s birth. This book is destined to become an heirloom to be passed down through the generations as it also contains room for the woman’s own pictures and birth story. At just $12.95, it’s the perfect gift for your clients.

Paper, 4" x 5", 53 pages, plus three pages for personal use


Spinning Babies; Quick Reference
Code: SB17
Price: $20.00
Quantity in Basket:  none

Gail Tully, CPM

This well-illustrated booklet presents the key points from the Spinning Babies workshop and is like having a trainer in your pocket!

Spinning Babies Quick Reference will help experienced professionals find solutions to common challenges in childbirth progress. The information will also be useful to parents who have watched the Spinning Babies Parent Class DVD.

Topics covered include:

  • Prenatal activities
  • Forward-leaning inversion
  • Side-lying release
  • Fetal position
  • Labor pattern levels
  • Inlet, midpelvis and outlet problems and solutions

Spiral-bound, 17 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"
Maternity House Publishing, Inc.


Breech Birth Quick Guide
Code: BG17
Price: $24.00
Quantity in Basket:  none

Temporarily out of stock.

Gail Tully, CPM

Illustrated with colored photos and diagrams, this 20-page guide describes both normal and stuck breeches and discusses what to do for birth in the all-fours position. Levels of the pelvis are color-coordinated with solutions for that level (inlet, mid, outlet). This guide is intended for the provider: the well-trained doctor or midwife. Only the most common issues of rotation and descent—or lack of rotation and descent—are described.

Topics covered include:

  • Prenatal breech timeline
  • Identifying breech fetal position
  • Maternal exercises to make room in the uterus to allow a baby to turn head-down
  • When and how to be hands-on or hands-off
  • Comparing normal and stuck breech birth
  • Pelvic level insights
  • Lateral flexion of baby's spine
  • Solutions for obstructed breech at inlet, midpelvis and outlet
  • How arms get stuck, freeing the arms, unusual arm variations
  • Head on the brim and freeing the head

Spiral-bound, 24 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"
Maternity House Publishing, Inc.


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