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Learn How to Handle Problems and Complications

These Midwifery Today audio tapes cover some of the common and uncommon complications you will face in your midwifery practice.
Midwifery Today audio and video tapes are non-refundable.
Tapes with technical problems may be exchanged for other titles or for credit with Midwifery Today within 90 days of purchase. For more information, please see the FAQ

How to read audio tape codes:
The first 2 digits indicate the year the tape was made.
The digit just before the T tells how many tapes are included. 1T is one tape, 2T is a two-tape set, and so on.
The rest of the number is the individual tape number.

How to find audio tapes:
If you're looking for tapes on a specific topic or with a specific teacher, the best way to find them is to use the search function (just click on the SEARCH button above). If you include the word audio in your search along with the topic or teacher name, only audio tapes (or packages that include tapes) with that topic or teacher will show up.

Code Name Price    
971T732 Avoiding Labor Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T884 Avoiding Labor Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
951T320 Basic Newborn Complications and Emergencies (Audio Tape) $9.00
942T156 Breech Birth (Audio Tape) $16.00
941T58 Breech Birth (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T526 Breech Birth (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T498 Breech Birth: Many Approaches (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T737 Breech Birth Roundtables (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T676 Breech Roundtables (Audio Tape) $16.00
951T304 Cesarean Prevention (Audio Tape) $9.00
993T971 Clinical Difficulties from a Cross-Cultural Perspective (Audio Tape) $20.00
971T660 Complicated Birth Review (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T568 Complicated Birth Review (Audio Tape) $16.00
972T698 Complicated Birth Review Roundtables (Audio Tape) $16.00
981T822 Complicated Birth Review Roundtables (Audio Tape) $9.00
952T275 Complicated Birth Review with Experienced Midwives (Audio Tape) $16.00
972T723 Complicated Birth Roundtables (Audio Tape) $16.00
971T632 Complicated Homebirth Roundtables (Audio Tape) $9.00
942T45 Complications of Second & Third Trimesters (Audio Tape) $16.00
941T44 Complications of the First Trimester (Audio Tape) $9.00
931T24 Diagnosing Prenatal Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
952T178 First Stage Difficulties: Global Sharing (Audio Tape) $16.00
961T473 Gestational Diabetes: Is It a Reality? (Audio Tape) $9.00
991T987 Handling Labor Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
931T18 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
941T82 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
951T187 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
951T308 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T385 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T525 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T575 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T688 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T744 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $9.00
962T422 Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties: Alternative and Allopathic Approaches (Audio Tape) $16.00
981T833 Hemorrhage From a Holistic Perspective (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T798 Hemorrhage From an Alternative Perspective (Audio Tape) $9.00
991T927 Hemorrhage from an Alternative Perspective (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T889 Hemorrhage Prevention and Care (Audio Tape) $9.00
941T79 Herpes (Audio Tape) $9.00
942T60 High Risk Pregnancy: Concentration on Gestational Diabetes (Audio Tape) $16.00
951T323 HIV: How Can Midwives Protect Themselves and Their Clients? (Audio Tape) $9.00
991T939 Identifying and Treating Conditions and Disease (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T531 Labor and Birth Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
951T294 Malpresentation (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T411 Malpresentations (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T461 Malpresentations (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T561 Malpresentations (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T692 Management of Birth Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T630 New Concepts in Hemorrhage Control (Audio Tape) $9.00
931T15 Newborn Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T496 Newborn Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T582 Newborn Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
952T278 Newborn Complications: Congenital Abnormalities (Audio Tape) $16.00
981T845 Newborn Emergencies and Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T871 Newborn: Normal Care and Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
942T59 Preventing Cesarean Section (Audio Tape) $16.00
991T938 Preventing Prolonged Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00
941T46 Prolonged Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T648 Prolonged Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T776 Prolonged Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00
951T291 Risk Intervention (Audio Tape) $9.00
942T75 Second Stage Difficulties (Audio Tape) $16.00
972T702 Second Stage Difficulties Roundtables (Audio Tape) $16.00
991T916 Second Stage Difficulties Roundtables (Audio Tape) $9.00
001T1030 Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T442 Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T485 Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T538 Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T780 Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T821 Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $9.00
991T955 Shoulder Dystocia/ Routine Vitamin K Administration (Audio Tape) $9.00
971T629 Surviving Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T669 Surviving Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $16.00
941T78 Twins (Audio Tape) $9.00
932T6 Twins and Breeches (Audio Tape) $16.00
922T30 Twins, Breeches and VBAC (Audio Tape) $16.00
942T152 Uncommon Complications (Audio Tape) $16.00
951T295 Uncommon Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
962T359 Uncommon Complications (Audio Tape) $16.00
962T459 Uncommon Complications (Audio Tape) $16.00
971T691 Using Nutrition to Avoid Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
942T67 Working with VBAC Women (Audio Tape) $16.00
972T671 Working With VBAC Women (Audio Tape) $16.00
981T878 Working with VBAC Women (Audio Tape) $9.00
00VNBB Normalizing the Breech Delivery (DVD) $49.95
CTP Clinical Audio Tape Package $120.00
011T1089 Newborn Complications (Audio Tape) $9.00
011T1092 Shoulder Dystocia (Audio Tape) $9.00
MYS2 Make It Yourself: Problems and Complications (Midwifery Today audiotapes) $0.00

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