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Born in Water: A Sacred Journey
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NTSC (US, Canada and some other countries. See description.)

Doble Via Productions and the Andaluz Waterbirth Center

A collection of seven waterbirths, including a home waterbirth, Born in Water shows women surrendering to the power of their labor and giving birth without intervention. Watch as they reclaim their power as bearers of life and bring their children into the world with gentleness, awareness and wisdom. You’ll also see birth partners actively supporting women, and midwives at their unobtrusive best.

If you’ve ever wondered what a waterbirth is like, or if you’ve wished you could share the joy of waterbirth with others, this DVD is for you. Anyone with preconceived notions of water birth as risky will find that this DVD dispels those fears and misconceptions about this gentle way to give birth.

All the births were attended by midwife Jennifer Gallardo, at the Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Guatemala and Oregon.

33 minutes.

This DVD is available in the following format:
  •NTSC ( playable in the US, Canada, and other countries )

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