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The Birthkit Issue Number 50 (Summer 2006)
Products for Parents, The Birthkit Back Issues
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Summer 2006

Perry’s Birth, by Nicky Vanvalkenburgh. A heart-warming story of birth and empowerment.

Reverse the Trend of Intervention, by Jill Cohen. Associate Editor Jill Cohen discusses the trend toward intervention in birth and its reliance on inaccurate data.

Noises in Labor, by Jackie Eales. A short, humorous piece on how one woman took back her power in birth.

You’re Not Fooled by the Term “Birth Plan”, by Jock Doubleday. The pitfalls of birth plans are covered in this excerpt from the e-book, Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reason Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, Volume 1.

After the Tsunami: Birth in Aceh, by Robin Lim. An excerpt from a letter sent to us by Robin after her recent trip to Aceh, as a volunteer who helps tsunami survivors.

Hypnobirthing: Instinctive Birthing through Relaxation, by Tracey Donegan. A Hynpobirthing educator from Ireland provides information on hypnobirthing and how it works for birthing moms.

Go to Sleep, Little Baby, by Cheryl K. Smith. Midwifery Today Managing Editor Cheryl Smith discusses the latest information on risk factors for SIDS and recommendations for babies’ sleeping positions and locations.

I was Thinking, by Jerry Whiting. A reflection on the many hats a midwife wears.

One More Makes Twenty-One. Sandra MorningStar writes of her experience helping with a birth and hardship for a mother in Mexico.

Poem: Sunflower, by Tina Puckett. A sweet poem about pregnancy.

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