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The Birthkit Issue Number 52 (Winter 2006)
The Birthkit Back Issues
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Winter 2006

Articles include:

  • My Perspective, by Kirsten Barrett. The story of a baby’s birth through the eyes of his 12-year-old sister.
  • A Tribute to Midwife Patty Sherman, by Jill Cohen. Associate Editor Jill Cohen tells the story of an inspiring, maverick midwife.
  • Home VBAC, by Alison McCabe.Why do OBs say that women can’t have a vaginal birth after a c-section? The author tells the story of her VBAC and how her midwife helped her use a technique to birth through a narrow pelvis.
  • Birth Days, by Debra Wetzel. Debra Wetzel shares her birth stories as a way of celebrating each of her sons’ birthdays every year.
  • Body Piercing in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, by Cheryl K. Smith. As body piercing becomes more common in the population, midwives and mothers need to know what is safe. This short article discusses genital, nipple and navel piercings as they may relate to pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Nursing Twins, by Kenna Fultz. If you have wondered how to nurse two babies at once, read this article. The author takes us through the method that she used during the early months of her twins’ lives.
  • Perineal Massage, by Marsha Burnett. Marsha Burnett can’t say enough about the helpfulness of perineal massage, a technique she used during her pregnancy to prevent tearing.
  • Facts of Life, by George Williams. This new author breaks into print with some musings on sex and birth in the past.
  • Twin Homebirth, by Denise Punge. Frequent contributor Denise Punger shares her experience at the homebirth of twins.
  • Amish Homebirth, by Ireena Keesle. A beautiful description of homebirth.
  • The Bread Man, by Denise Fountain-Pincince. A cute short story about an unusual reaction in pregnancy.
  • Book Review: Homemade Baby Products, by Jessica Cagle. MT Advertising Director Jessica Cagle, mother of a one-year-old, reviews this practical guide to making your own baby products. A sample recipe is included.
  • Bleeding in Pregnancy, by Gloria Lemay. This well-known Canadian midwife shares her wisdom on bleeding during pregnancy.
  • Fingers and Flesh, by Emily Baker. A lovely and succinct poem on birth.

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