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The Birthkit Issue Number 53 (Spring 2007)
The Birthkit Back Issues
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Spring 2007

Articles include:

  • A Day in the Life of a Village Tibetan Midwife, by Sera Bonds. First in a two-part series, this is a vignette about one day in the life of a midwife in Tibet.
  • Thankful for Midwife Ways, by Jill Cohen. A message of thankfulness from a Midwifery Today Associate Editor.
  • Birth Control: Old Methods, New Ways, by Becky Sarah. Learn about Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning from this long-time teacher of the methods.
  • Trichomoniasis in Pregnancy, by Cheryl K. Smith. Midwifery Today’s Managing Editor writes about the most common non-viral STD in the US and treatments during pregnancy.
  • Katrina Baby, by Lydia Bertrand. The story of a homebirth by a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.
  • A Baby’s Love for Grandmother Placenta, by Patricia M. Couch. A short tribute to the placenta.
  • Cross-Nursing, by Amy Schneckenburger. The author discusses a solution to returning to work after her baby’s birth. Previously called “wet-nursing,” cross nursing by a trusted friend worked for everyone.
  • Diaper Liberation, by Cheryl Clearwater. Babies can be raised diaperless from birth. The author discusses how this worked for her and her baby.
  • Cutting Threads, by Susan Talbot. A short poem about birth.

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