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The Birthkit Issue Number 54 (Summer 2007)
The Birthkit Back Issues
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Summer 2007

Articles include:

  • Young, Old and In Between, by Sister MorningStar. This story describes a day in the life of Dona Juanita Ramirez, a midwife in a Mexican village.
  • Editorial: Women Need Choice in Birth, by Jill Cohen. Associate Editor Jill Cohen shares her views on the need for women to be able to choose the kind of birth they desire, including VBAC.
  • Carry On Matron-Please, by Stacia Smales Hill. This interview with Jean Sutton, author of Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning, is an entertaining read. The author shares with us Jean's early years, how she got into midwifery and her unique views on childbirth.
  • The Joys and Benefits of Infant Massage, by Louise Daddona. Massage is a tool in maintaining good health, both for babies and adults. Louise Daddona, who has produced a video on baby massage, provides an overview of massaging babies, including those who are premature or have special needs. Online resources for baby massage are included.
  • Suturing Q&A: Gail Hart Shares Her Experience. Do you feel like you're suturing less? Or that the trend is to suture less? Gail Hart discusses the trend of suturing less, and using a variety of alternatives that work just as well, if not better.
  • A Day in the Life of a Village Tibetan Midwife: Part II, by Sera Bonds. This is the second of a two-part article by the founder of Circle of Health International (COHI), an organization whose mission is to give voice to conflict-affected women's reproductive health needs on an international scale. COHI currently offers maternal child health trainings to local midwives and village doctors. This story reflects the realities for women they serve in Tibet.
  • You Want Your Birth Attended by Your Children, by Jock Doubleday. A reprint from Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, Vol 1, this article highlights many reasons to choose a whole-family homebirth, rather than a medicalized hospital birth.
  • Babies, by Lizz Paulsen. A short musing on babies, by the mother of a homebirthed newborn.
  • Poem: Cardinal, by Sharon Craig

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