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How Will I Be Born? Optimal Foetal Positioning Explained
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Jean Sutton

What babies wish their mothers knew

Jean Sutton, co-author of Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning, has written a marvelous little book for pregnant moms. She starts with a look at the normal birth process and the anatomy of giving birth. She then goes on to explain how lifestyle changes can help the baby move into the proper position. The next chapter describes the actual process of labor and birth, including how the baby moves down the birth canal and the sensations the mother will feel as this is happening.

The final two chapters discuss errors in the baby’s position. You’ll learn about various minor mistakes, such as hand on head and elbow under chin, and what you can do about them. Finally, there’s an informative chapter on posterior position. You’ll discover why this is a problem, how to help the baby turn before labor starts, what labor is like if he remains in that position and what to do during labor.

This information is all told in a clear and straightforward manner, with lots of bullet points and helpful diagrams.

If you’re a birth professional, you should have at least one copy of How Will I Be Born? in your lending library. If you’re expecting or hope to be soon, you need to read this book to learn how positioning your baby correctly before labor starts can help you have the best possible birth outcome.

Remember Dads! Author Jean Sutton says “I would love How Will I Be Born to go to every expectant Dad—they grasp the principal quickly, and are then so much more helpful for their partners.”

Softcover, 78 pages

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