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Placenta: The Gift of Life
Motherbaby Press, Midwifery Today Books
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Cornelia Enning, edited by Cheryl K. Smith

The role of the placenta in different cultures, and how to prepare and use it as medicine

Have you ever wondered why all mammals eat their placentas, even though they may normally not eat meat? Do you want to use your baby's placenta for a birth ritual or as an aid to bonding and breastfeeding? This book provides all the information you need.

The placenta has been used in rituals throughout the world and through time. This may involve burial under a certain kind of tree, drying for use as a lucky charm or even ingestion as a medicine. Placenta: The Gift of Life combines the experiences of midwives, doctors and naturopaths with our ancestors' traditions, and saves some old recipes from oblivion.

Topics include:

  • Historical uses of the placenta
  • Placenta rituals from around the world
  • The use of the placenta in postpartum healing and breastfeeding
  • Regulation and current medical and cosmetic uses of the placenta in various countries
  • Scientific evidence supporting the medicinal uses of placenta
  • How to process placenta for medical use
  • Recipes for using the placenta in ointments, essences and other remedies for a variety of ailments
  • True stories of successful uses of placenta remedies by new mothers.

While numerous articles have been written on the subject, this unique and groundbreaking book is the only guide to using placenta currently on the market, and is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about this remarkable organ.

Motherbaby Press. Paper, 72 pages.

Read more about the book here.

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