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Midwifery Today Issue Number 112 (Winter 2014 ) Preeclampsia
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Theme: Preeclampsia

Articles include:

  • How to Turn a Breech Baby to Head-down by Naolí Vinaver. Learn some tricks on how to flip a breech baby from Mexican midwife Naolí Vinaver.
  • Assuring Healthy Babies: Weight Gain in Pregnancy by Gail Hart. Midwife Gail Hart shows how scientific evidence tells us weight gain is essential for growing both a healthy placenta and a healthy baby during pregnancy.
  • Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project by Leilani Rogers. Birth Photographer Leilani Rogers created the Breastfeeding Awareness Project, which involves breastfeeding photography in the hopes of making breastfeeding a normal part of life in our culture. She shares a bit about her project and some beautiful images with us in this article.
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse: A Proactive Approach to Prevention by Kim Vopni. “Pregnancy and childbirth are amongst the known risk factors for pelvic organ prolapse, but they don’t have to go hand-in-hand. With the right knowledge and awareness, women can take steps to prevent or reduce the likelihood of developing a prolapse by learning about safe core exercises for pregnancy, how to optimize their birth to protect their pelvic floor and how to best recover and support their healing body.”
  • Sick Pregnancies by Sister MorningStar. Midwife Sister MorningStar shares how prenatals that focus on a woman’s diet, fears, hopes and concerns can cause a potentially unhealthy pregnancy to become healthy.
  • Oligohydramnios by Marion Toepke McLean. “Oligohydramnios in early pregnancy is serious. Since the lungs depend on subtle breathing movements of the intrauterine baby, oligohydramnios from 16 weeks up to the beginning of the third trimester stops lung development entirely.”
  • Stories to Learn From: Toxemia in Pregnancy by Mary L. Cooper. Midwife Mary Cooper writes of two different birth stories involving preeclampsia.
  • Doris Haire, 1925–2014: A Tribute by various authors. Midwife Mary Cooper writes of two different birth stories involving preeclampsia.
  • Merciér Therapy: The History behind It by Jennifer Merciér. Merciér Therapy is a dynamic approach to fertility issues, as well as problems involving the pelvis. This is an interesting account of how this type of therapy got its start.
  • The Deadly Itch: How My Midwives Saved My Babies’ Lives by Kim Gallina Viscio. Not many are familiar with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), a condition that causes intense itching. What is surprising about ICP, that even fewer people realize, is that it can be a deadly disease. A mom shares her experience with ICP in this eye-opening first-hand account.
  • The Power of Placenta for Hemorrhage Control by Hollie S. Moyer. It’s always important to be reminded of the basics, such as using the placenta to stop a hemorrhage. Hollie S. Moyer does a fine job of doing just that in this article.
  • Newborns: Their Biological and Theological Uniqueness by Mary Delashmutt. Midwife Mary Delashmutt shares her thoughts on the uniqueness of newborns.
  • Calcium and Vitamin C Supplements: Effects on Preterm Birth and Preeclampsia by Gail Hart. “This article will look specifically at the effectiveness of calcium and vitamin C supplements on preterm birth and preeclampsia.”
  • The Childless Midwife: Justine Siegemund of Eighteenth-century Germany by Jane Beal. Another exciting historical account of a midwife written by professor and midwife Jan Beal.
  • Birth in India: An Update by Lina Duncan and Vijaya Krishnan. Midwives Lina and Vijaya give us an update on the culture of birth in India.

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