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Midwifery Today Issue Number 47 (Autumn 1998) Normal Birth
Homebirth Products, Back Issues
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Code: MT47
Price: $10.00
Theme: Normal Birth
Issue 47 asked the question, "What is normal birth?" and received an outpouring of interpretations from many kinds of birth practitioners, mothers, a therapist, and an educator. The physiological process of delivering a baby can be interpreted in myriad ways-read this issue and come to your own conclusions about what is "normal." This issue also addresses the common yet ill-addressed concern of balancing midwifery with motherhood. Also, check in with many of Midwifery Today's contacts in various countries around the world!
  *Just What IS Normal?
  *Variation is the Rule
  *Birth as a Normal Process
  *Psychological Dystocia
  *What Happened to Normal Birth?
  *Nurses Make a Difference

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