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Midwifery Today Issue Number 90 (Summer 2009) Healing From Sexual Abuse and Trauma
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Theme: Healing From Sexual Abuse and Trauma

Trauma and abuse can occur at any time in life, both before and during pregnancy. This issue addresses a number of issues including fathers who were abused, how midwives can help women heal from trauma and abuse, how childbirth can have a traumatizing effect on women and how, conversely, it can bring healing to previous abuse and trauma. The magazine also contains the usual outstanding international and clinical articles, as well as inspiring stories of birth.

Articles include:

  • Editorial: Fathers Who Were Abused, by Jan Tritten. Jan discusses how midwives can help with a problem that is rarely discussed: the impact of becoming a father on men who were abused.
  • Marion's Message: Working in the Safe Motherhood Clinic, by Marion Toepke McLean. Marion shares her experiences as a volunteer in Uganda.
  • Creating the Space for Healing: Antepartum Care in Women with Trauma History, by Maryl Smith. Women who have been abused and traumatized may experience a variety of issues related to pregnancy and birth. Maryl Smith discusses developing awareness of signs and triggers, as well as how to work with such women and help them feel safe.
  • Modifying Medical Procedure for the Trauma Survivor, by Maryl Smith. A companion article to "Creating a Safe Space for Healing," this article gives tips on how to make essential medical procedures as non-threatening as possible for women trauma survivors.
  • Midwifery is not a Luxury, by Lydia Bertrand. Sharing her own experience, the author makes the case that every mom should have the right to have a midwife for her birth.
  • Early Trauma, Its Potential Impact on the Childbearing Woman, and the Role of the Midwife, by Penny Simkin. One of the authors of the pathbreaking book, When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women, describes many of the ways early abuse or trauma may negatively affect the survivors' later experiences with childbearing and offers some tips for midwives for providing sensitive and effective care and support.
  • A Tribute to Jana Borina. The midwifery community suffered a great loss with the passing of Jana Borino this year. This tribute reminds us of the gifts she gave to mothers and midwifery.
  • Birth as Healing, by Joanna Wilder. The author tells us why she is involved in good birth, and how it can be healing for women with a history of abuse.
  • Arnica and Aconite, by Piper Martin. Contributor and homeopath Piper Martin discusses the two most common homeopathic remedies for traumatic birth.
  • Survivor Moms: Multiple Trauma Exposures and the Development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, by Mickey Sperlich.One of the authors of the new Motherbaby Press Book, Survivor Moms: Women's Narratives of Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse, provides a snapshot of types of trauma exposures reported by first-time mothers in the Midwest and how they relate to risk of PTSD.
  • Solace for Mothers, by Sharon Storton. Solace for Mothers is a new organization that was formed to help mothers who have been traumatized. Author Sharon Storton shares some of the services provided and why this is an effective program.
  • The Conscious Choice to Culturally Reframe Birth, by Colleen Bak. This essay discusses the dilemma midwives face in their beliefs about birth and how we can effect the change needed to bring the current culture more in line with our perspectives.
  • The Cut, by Linda May Kallestein. Female genital mutilation continues to be a reality and a rite of passage for girls in Kenya, despite the laws now prohibiting it. The author tells about her personal observations of this damaging and traumatic practice.

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