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Newborn Exam for the Student Midwife
Featured Product, Birth Joy Consultants, Student Midwives, Beginning Midwives, DVDs
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Produced by Birth Joy Consultants

With over four hours of instruction, this 4-disc DVD set will help you learn the details of newborn exam. The first section discusses the basics, demonstrating how to examine the eyes, ears, nose and other parts of the newborn's body. The second section covers common newborn reflexes such as rooting, sucking and swallowing. In the third section, you'll learn a variety of gestational age assessment factors, including both external and neurological signs. The fourth section is a review of the newborn exam, and the final disc has special features on the prepuce and male circumcision. This in-depth resource is a valuable learning tool for apprentice and student midwives.


Part I: The Newborn Exam
1. General Appearance
2. General Measurements
3. Temperature
4. Skin
5. Head
6. Eyes
7. Ears
8. Nose
9. Mouth and throat
10. Neck
11. Chest
12. Lungs
13. Heart
14. Abdomen
15. Female Genitalia
16. Male Genitalia
17. Back and Rectum
18. Extremities
19. Neuromuscular system
Neonate Transport/Breastfeeding Demonstration

Part II: Common Newborn Reflexes
1. Rooting
2. Sucking
3. Swallowing
4. Tonic neck reflex
5. Moro’s
6. Palmer or grasp
7. Gag
8. Babinski’s
9. Plantar
10. Stepping
11. Trunk incurvation

Part III: Gestational Age Assessment
Twin Waterbirth
A) External Signs
1. Edema
2. Skin Texture
3. Skin Color
4. Skin Opacity
5. Lanugo
6. Plantar Creases
7. Nipple Formation
8. Breast Size
9. Ear Form
10. Ear Firmness
11. Genitalia Male
12. Genitalia Female
B) Neurological Signs
1. Posture
2. Square Window
3. Ankle dorsiflexion
4. Arm Recoil
5. Leg Recoil
6. Popiteal Angle
7. Heel to Ear
8. Scarf Sign
9. Head Lag
10. Ventral Suspension

Part IV: Review of the Newborn Exam

Special Features
"The Prepuce"
Male Circumcision

Disclaimer: The information on this tape is based on the experience of the presenters and other competent sources; however, since each woman and birthing circumstance is unique, the producer cannot assume any liability for the use of the information represented.

NTSC, 5 hours, 27 minutes

Educator or Institution Versions: If you are purchasing this DVD and are associated with a College, University or Educational Group and you would like to use the DVD in your program, please purchase the Educator Version and this will allow you the Public Performance Rights. If you would like to have a copy of the License, or for further details, please e-mail

This DVD is available in the following format:
  •NTSC ( playable in the US, Canada, and other countries )

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