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Code Name Price    
001T997 Anatomy of a Birth Bag (Audio Tape) $9.00
011T1090 Herbs and Homeopathy for Common Problems in Pregnancy (Audio Tape) $9.00
014T1097 Herb and Massage Workshop (Audio Tape) $26.00
051T1161 Mexican Traditions and Techniques (Audio Tape) $9.00
932T10 Herbs and Pregnancy Workshop (Audio Tape) $16.00
932T9 First & Second Stage Difficulties Panel (Audio Tape) $16.00
941T40 Birth Equipment and Delivery (Audio Tape) $9.00
941T83 Herbs and Natural Remedies for Newborn Care (Audio Tape) $9.00
952T172 Tear Prevention Techniques From Around the World (Audio Tape) $16.00
961T405 Placenta and Postpartum (Audio Tape) $9.00
961T437 Traditional Approaches to Second Stage (Audio Tape) $9.00
962T431 Traditional Approaches to First Stage (Audio Tape) $16.00
963T365 Hands-On Herb Workshop (Audio Tape) $20.00
971T750 Natural Remedies from Around the World (Audio Tape) $9.00
972T574 First Stage Difficulties: Approaches From Different Cultures and Modalities (Audio Tape) $16.00
972T597 Chinese Medicine for Midwifery Emergencies (Audio Tape) $16.00
975T664 Herb and Homeopathy Workshop (Audio Tape) $30.00
981T798 Hemorrhage From an Alternative Perspective (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T837 Prolonged Labor (Audio Tape) $9.00
981T889 Hemorrhage Prevention and Care (Audio Tape) $9.00
983T892 Massage, Remedies, and Herbs for the Childbearing Year (Audio Tape) $18.00
984T855 Herb Workshop (Audio Tape) $26.00
991T927 Hemorrhage from an Alternative Perspective (Audio Tape) $9.00
994T944 Herb and Massage Workshop (Audio Tape) $26.00
DTP10 Doula Audio Tape Package - Ten Tapes $90.00
MYS3 Make It Yourself: Herbs and Natural Remedies (Midwifery Today audiotapes) $0.00

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