Report any technical problems with the Midwifery Today shopping cart to

Before reporting a technical problem, please read the following instructions:

  1. Make sure it's not just a transient problem.

    Some problems with accessing or using a Web site are temporary and will resolve themselves within a few minutes. Please click the Refresh button or otherwise repeat what you were doing before reporting an error.

  2. If the problem is persistent, we need this information from you when you report the problem:

    1. Exactly what action you were performing in the shopping cart when the error or problem occurred.

    2. The text of any error messages or reports you received. Copy and paste the error text into your e-mail if possible.

    3. The computer, operating system and browser you were using.

      For example:

      Mac OS 10.5.2 using Safari 3.0.4
      Windows XP using Firefox 3.0.5
      Windows Vista using Internet Explorer 7.0.x