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Articles most recently posted from Midwifery Today magazine

  • Editorial: Here We Go Again - by Jan Tritten
    Another attack on homebirth and traditional midwifery comes, once again, from a very persuasive source - The Lancet medical journal. Within what seems like a good idea upon cursory review - establishing midwife-run birth centers around the world - comes another imperialistic onslaught...
  • Editorial: From Russia with Love - by Jan Tritten
    When the lovely young couple who publish Home Child magazine in Russia joined us last year at our Copenhagen conference, I had no idea that this meeting would birth such amazing ideas and start to shake up the birth movement on an international level.
  • Editorial: Kitty Breastfeeding - by Jan Tritten
    Why don’t cats have breastfeeding problems? If we answer this we might have an answer to human breastfeeding problems. When Momma Cat had her babies—see last issue’s editorial—they began breastfeeding even before the other babies were born.
  • Editorial: Healing in Mexico - by Jan Tritten
    We began the Oaxaca, Mexico, conference with an exercise in global healing. Marina Alzugaray and Yeshi Sherover Neumann created the idea of splitting our group of about 275 people into "conquered" and "conquerors."
  • Editorial: Education Priority Check - by Jan Tritten
    Your love of women, babies, families and each other needs to be your focus. You are answering a calling, one of service, not one that is self-serving.
  • Editorial: 30 Years and Still Going Strong - by Jan Tritten
    Midwifery Today’s editor-in-chief celebrates MT’s 30-year anniversary by honoring 13 of the magazine’s most loyal contributors and gentle birth advocates.
  • Editorial: Birth Is a Human Rights Issue: A Movement - by Jan Tritten
    Editor in chief Jan Tritten comments on the recent witch-hunt in Europe and on the state of motherbaby rights around the world, calling all natural birth practitioners and supporters to protect birth as an inalienable human right.
  • Editorial: First, Do No Harm to Newborns - by Jan Tritten
    Babies should be treated with the utmost respect, dignity and love. Their first birth minutes are their welcome to the planet. This is where they will first learn what being on earth is all about.
  • Editorial: A Circle of Midwives - by Jan Tritten
    As midwives, we are called to serve many kinds of women and families. These may include those with whom we do not resonate for one reason or another. You could be asked to serve a member of an ethnic group that is traditionally hostile to yours, a woman with widely divergent beliefs...
  • Editorial: Mollie and Mary - by Jan Tritten
    Jan tells two amazing midwives serving the Amish and Mennonite communities.
  • Editorial: Hands-On Care - by Jan Tritten
    Look at your hands. These hands are holy-ordained by God to receive babies. What is the substance of this divine trust? What is the responsibility? Midwife, partera is a high calling.
  • Editorial: Two Important Keys: Autonomy and Working Together - by Jan Tritten
    Is our profession a barrier to instinctive birth? Are we, whose calling it is to protect and care for motherbaby in the birth year, actually forming a barrier? If so, how do we change our profession to meet the real needs of women in pregnancy and birth?
  • Editorial: Misplaced Fear - by Jan Tritten
    I find it fascinating that women are afraid of the wrong thing when it comes to birth. They are afraid of birth when it is what they are perfectly designed to do. The thing they should be afraid of is whom they put their trust in and where they birth.
  • Editorial: Carry Out Your Visions and Dreams - by Jan Tritten
    One of my most important roles in my midwifery life is that of encourager. My desire is that you carry out the dreams given to you—and I know you have them. I delight in telling about people carrying out their dreams as a way, hopefully, to inspire you.
  • Editorial: Love that Protects - by Jan Tritten
    As childbirth attendants, we must vigorously protect the birthing woman and her baby against wrong information, overly interventive technology, a convoluted system of law and medical ignorance that fuel interventive technology, and individuals who do not have her best interests at heart.
  • Editorial: A Knowledge Base Fit for All Midwives - by Jan Tritten
    The question we must ask ourselves is this: Can a midwife survive a medicalized education and still come out an authentic midwife?
  • Editorial: Take Birth Back - by Jan Tritten
    The colonizing countries dominated birth with destructive medicalization at a time when Western powers were decimating cultures. Medicalization rode on the wave of imperialism. This force is still going today and is an effective tool used against normal, instinctive birth.
  • Editorial: Enlisting Change Around the World - by Jan Tritten
    Since founding Midwifery Today magazine in 1986, I have had an interest in international midwifery. I have always had the feeling that the keys to helping and understanding the birth process would be found all over this marvelous globe with its many cultures.
  • Editorial: How Do You Feel About Giving Up Your Freedom? - by Jan Tritten
    I was shocked at this quote by Beverly Beech in the British Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services...
  • Editorial: ICM and Hemorrhage - by Jan Tritten
    The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and the Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (FIGO) recently made a clandestine and potentially dangerous decision about midwifery practice.
  • Editorial: Inclusiveness, The Essence of Midwifery - by Jan Tritten
    We will look back someday and say, "We had a legendary meeting at the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) meeting in Vienna in April 2002." It was not a sanctioned meeting but one where we discussed issues many midwives have been concerned with.
  • Editorial: Mexico, An Engaging Country - by Jan Tritten
    My first trip to Mexico was to plan our long-dreamed-of conference in this enchanting land. We met wonderful people in Oaxaca with a real willingness to help make this conference a reality. We met traditional midwives Mercedes and Antonia. Mercedes has been a midwife for 50 years.
  • Editorial: International Networking - by Jan Tritten
    Here at Midwifery Today, we have been working hard on our country contacts. The goal is to have a contact person or persons in every country of the world.
  • Editorial: Midwifery Today: Past and Future - by Jan Tritten
    Midwifery Today is 18 years old this year. I like to reflect deeply at special milestones. To me, the beginning of the year is always a time of intense planning for the future and pondering where we have been.
  • Editorial: A Trip to the Tropics - by Jan Tritten
    Marina Alzugaray and I went to the Bahamas on our way to the Trinidad International Confederation of Midwives conference to check into doing a Midwifery Today international conference there in September 2005.