Karen Webster

Karen Webster, CPM, LM, has had a passion for birth since after the homebirth of her 4th baby in 1979, when she began attending births and apprenticing with her midwife. Karen has been an avid birth activist, and served on the MANA Board for six years, and is now a member of the FAM Board. She has always had apprentices and fervently believes in the saying "Each one teach one" and the importance of preserving the apprenticeship route to becoming a midwife. She has served as a preceptor for the National College of Midwifery and Birthwise Midwifery School. She has been a CPM since 1995, and has also served as a Qualified Evaluator (QE) for NARM since 1995. She has worked on legislation in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Her goal is to see midwives as the primary caregivers for all healthy pregnant women in this country—in her lifetime! Karen is married, the mother of eight children and Nana to five grandchildren.