Midwifery Today Conference
“Gentle Birth Is a Human Rights Issue”
Eugene/Springfield, Oregon • March 30 – April 3, 2011

Eugene Daily News—June 28, 2011:
Conference Brings Global Leaders in Midwifery to Eugene

On March 30th, women and men from across the globe gathered here in Eugene; birth professionals from diverse backgrounds assembled with some of the world’s foremost midwifery leaders to share with each other, inspire each other in the work that they do. International attendance was especially high this year: several midwives came from Puerto Rico, four attended from Ghana, two hailed from Uganda, and two midwives ventured from Oman. Five full days of presentations, skill workshops and roundtable discussions brought over 300 attendees to Eugene.

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© Photo by Natasha Hance—www.NHancephotography.com