They’re talking about Midwifery Today conferences…

“I have been attending and honored to be a part of the Midwifery Today Conferences, since 1994 when I first attended a MT conference in New York City. I remember walking in, unsure how I would be greeted as a doula (and a relatively new birth worker of 9 years), but I soon felt right at home amidst the warmth, the welcome, the songs, the wisdom- enhancing my knowledge and so much more. It felt so good to be fully embraced by a community of amazing midwives, nurses, physicians, doulas, educators and healers whose passion- to provide loving, safe, respectful, quality compassionate care- was evident, not only in the sessions that expanded my vision and knowledge, but in the discussions at lunch and during our closing circle of songs. For me, this was what Birth Keeper Conferences should be- not only a time to expand our knowledge and skills but a time to recharge and revitalize our passion and to be nurtured, and to nurture others, in the process.

Now, each year, I look forward to the next gathering of friends, colleagues and new birth keepers who are just finding their way to this incredible opportunity to learn, grow and play. Bad Wildbad, Germany is an enchanting village, with one of the most incredible, beautiful, relaxing spas I have ever visited, anywhere in the world! In-between sessions we relax in warm pools, saunas and steam rooms- continuing our conversations about changing childbirth around the world. Birth keepers from many countries come and share challenges, joys, and vision for gentle birth. I hope to see you in Germany, or at an upcoming Midwifery Today Conference, somewhere in the world. Midwifery Today is a conference that I highly recommend!”
Debra Pascali-Bonaro—

“The powerful experience of being part of this conference is not easy to put into words. It was about being with midwives who are strong, wise women, who care about one another and about having those feelings awakened in us. We came into an awareness that some of the midwives who teach us at college and in practice share that strength and wisdom, and moments we had stored came back to us with new meaning.” FULL ARTICLE ]
Nicola Miller, The Netherlands 2002 conference

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania—April 2016

Keep up the great work. I’d love more birth keepers to experience what I have experienced! Though I truly enjoyed the intimacy of a “smaller” group, the energy and solidarity is something I’d like more people to experience! So, spreading the word.

I want to congratulate you all for facilitating and co-creating such a soulfully enriching, healing, inspiring experience. I felt so open to receiving everyone’s ideas, insight, wisdom and love, knowledge and more. The elder/grandmother/father midwives were/are so generous in sharing with us their experiences in an open way. You all really came together in an awe inspiring way. I deeply appreciate how approachable, loving human you all were/are. After being on the midwifery path for six years or so … this is the first time, aside from very intimate circles, I have experienced the love, care, compassion and vision I’ve always thought midwifery encompassed. Thank you! for providing opportunities for expansion, growth, love, global and individual healing, community, wisdom keeping and more … you are loved and appreciated.

I enjoyed all of Sister Morningstar’s classes. They are filled with such serenity, power, peace, love, wisdom, knowing. Learning more about “the Way” she has created to be [with motherbaby] and in community resonates deeply with me. I thoroughly enjoyed Fernando’s classes. They also resonate deeply with me as I am moved and inspired by the unseen, the metaphysical, the sacred. And the manner in which he speaks of these things speaks deeply to my soul and inspires me! Infinite Possibilities.

Thank you so much for your amazing work. I had a wonderful time, felt very welcomed, and came out with a greater understanding of how midwifery can empower women.

I was happy to see Barbara Harper! Carol Gautschi! Maria Milton! So many midwives of different types in one place.

Troutdale, Oregon—February 2016

I love being filled by these one-day conferences.

I was happy to have hands-on experiences to connect with others.

It was outstanding meeting and networking with the great Pacific Northwest midwifery world.

Loved Fernando Molina. He truly connected with my personal views and I'm interested in Magical Beginnings.

I enjoyed the balance of right brain / left brain offerings.

I was happy to see everyone—lovely to see all the ladies here from all walks of life.

Bad Wildbad, Germany—October 2015

This was my first Midwifery Today conference and I am absolutely blown away! I feel I’ve learned more than I have learned during my entire training. I am not sure how I was able to practice without Spinning Babies and Breech Birth classes! I can only recommend to ignore any other study days and spend all your savings to come to Midwifery Today!

I am so-o-o glad I came! From the heart of my bottom—or as my mama would say, “from the roots of my boots ”—I am beyond grateful to everyone who made this conference a success! I love you all! You are beyond awesome!

Eugene—March 2015

Wonderful to hear about work going on around the world to improve and expand midwifery care, and build awareness.

Thank you, Midwifery Today leaders and staff for your love, passion, humility and enduring service to grow and give this amazing, nourishing conference.

[about Breech class] I loved how all teachers went with the flow and kept the attention of the group, connecting in a more intimate way.

[about Spinning Babies class] The session went beyond my expectations. I didn’t know we were going to have so many activities and hands-on practice.

Byron Bay, Australia—November 2014

Thanks for a great conference, which has again “lit my midwifery candle of life.” From having written my resignation notice the night before the conference to leaving today with a feeling of, “No way I’m quitting-the women need me more than ever,” I have been recharged in my midwifery passion.

This conference has totally re-affirmed my philosophical and professional beliefs. Thank you for renewing my spirit. Words cannot express…

This conference I have come away with the most learnt new knowledge in my 23 years of midwifery practice. I found every session and every speaker enjoyable. Took something away from all of it. I loved hearing from and about our overseas sisters.

Pleasant atmosphere, with lovely people who have the same thoughts, ideas on wanting to keep midwifery a natural experience for women. Lovely speakers, with different experiences, and awesome stories to share about birth experiences in different cultures.

Wonderful supportive, naturing and encouraging atmosphere. Great topics to choose from, both natural and homebirth as well as complications.

Bury St. Edmunds, UK—June 2014

Excellent to be surrounded by like-minded midwives.

Content of conference was brilliant! Conference venue was very beautiful!

Excellent speakers and information, and incredible amount of organization involved-such educated and knowledgeable women.

Really I enjoyed this conference. It was very well organized and very helpful. It gives us a lot of knowledge. Really thank you.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania—April 2014

Thank you for all your coordinating, planning and sharing a beautiful Midwifery Today conference. This was outstanding. I honor and appreciate your coordination, vision and leadership in this conference.

I feel like I have a whole new insight into women and how intuitive they can naturally be.

Blankenberge, Belgium—October 2015

I have thoroughly enjoyed this conference and leave refreshed and reinvigorated. The sessions were interesting, thought provoking and well put together. I feel I have the beginnings of midwifery tool box to take home with me.

The atmosphere, the quality of workshops and staff were very motivating-a real present for the heart of a midwife.

Every session was so interesting, and the people who came to the conference were also so interesting. It was good to learn new things and meet new people. I really enjoyed every moment for five days. Thank you very much!

This kind of conference should be made part of the curriculum for students, as students don't see enough holistic practice!

It was nice to be here and be with lots of other people with similar views.

Eugene—April 2013

This is the first conference I have ever been to. I am overwhelmed by the acceptance and sisterhood that has been extended to me. I have been touched deeply and am so thankful to each of you.

I just can’t imagine how it could be any better. I feel empowered and got everything I expected and more… So much more!

This was such a loving, inclusive, sharing group of people aimed for the same goal—What’s best for mammas and babies.

Midwifery Today always puts on professional and beautiful conferences with a wide variety of topics.

Everything was great. Wish it was longer. I feel like I recharge my batteries and reset my intentions with every conference.

Bad Wildbad, Germany—October 2012

Although I was only able to visit the conference in Bad Wildbad for one day, it was just what I needed to get my battery fully loaded for another year of combining midwifery studies, two small children, running the household, and a hard-working husband. Thank you for the inspiring words, Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos, Gail Tully, Carol Gautschi, Gail Hart and Elizabeth Davis.
Nathalie Baeyens, Germany 2012 attendee

I feel very fortunate to have had such an inspirational and educational week amongst such beautiful women who are involved in childbearing and birth all over the globe. Thank you so much.
Germany 2012 attendee

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania—April 2012

The most amazing, soul-filling, heart-bursting, LOVING conference. I am filled to the brim. Thank you so, so much.
Harrisburg 2012 attendee

This conference affirmed my path and helped to give me the confidence to walk down it. Thank you!
Harrisburg 2012 attendee

Quality for my time and energy away from family. Worth money to come.
Harrisburg 2012 attendee

Eugene, Oregon—March/April 2011

I loved hearing from such experienced and passionate midwives.
Eugene 2011 attendee

Everyone was friendly and warm. I felt very welcomed.
Eugene 2011 attendee

I was really impressed by the broad range of aspects of midwifery that were covered. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, legal, organizational—I can’t think of anything that was missed. I was moved by the deliberate effort to level the playing field—that there was no room for superiority of one credential over another.
Eugene 2011 attendee

How much I learned! The connection I felt to all these juicy women! How much I was inspired to follow my passion and trust myself in my journey. How I feel I can carry all of the above with me in confidence, love and joy.
Eugene 2011 attendee

Strasbourg, France—October 2010

The subjects were brilliant, in fact the hardest thing was initially picking which sessions to take. I am totally blown away with everything! Just loved it all, and hope to see you all again before too long.
Strasbourg 2010 attendee

Every session I attended was amazing and it was so hard to choose what to go to.
Strasbourg 2010 attendee

Eugene, Oregon—March 2009

This is the best conference in this field.
Eugene 2009 attendee

What really stayed with me was Carol [Gautschi] discussing "Baby Communication." "Stay with me, Baby."
Eugene 2009 attendee

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and inspirational conference. I loved all the sessions, and especially loved connection with the other women by dancing together Saturday night. [smiley face] [heart] SO MUCH FUN!
Eugene 2009 attendee

Basically, this was very inspiring and rewarding! Well organized, well run—everything was done on time and moved well. Tons of fun and refreshing to meet so many wonderful women! I can’t wait for the next one and hope I can come.
Eugene 2009 attendee

Thank you all so much for bringing us all together! As a younger birth worker, I feel so thankful to join this amazing lineage of women, and more importantly, I feel *held*, supported, included in this.
Eugene 2009 attendee

I have my batteries recharged and am ready to bring new knowledge, hope and conviction back to the hospital!
Eugene 2009 attendee

Beautiful conference, wonderful environment. Felt safe and inviting. Full of honesty without propagating fear. Beautiful, open women! Awesome.
Eugene 2009 attendee

Copenhagen, Denmark—May 2009

Thank you for yet another brilliant conference. There was such a good atmosphere and a lot of people said they really felt closer to "the spirit of midwifery." There is such hope for the future and empowerment of the doulas and midwives in these gatherings, that everybody goes back to their work wherever that might be, with strength and inspiration to improve things, without having to feel alone.
Marta Orbis, Midwifery Today Country Contact for Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark 2009 attendee

Philadelphia Area—March 2008

I really enjoyed the conference. I met the most amazing people, and hope to revamp our pregnancy massage here at the spa and set up a referring program to local midwives.
Philadelphia Area 2008 attendee

Norway—September 2007

Thank you so very much! I’m leaving here feeling much stronger and inspired and feeling part of a large beautiful movement of sisterhood and brotherhood.
Norway 2007 attendee

I have never attended a Midwifery Today conference before and my heart is full of gratitude. You gave me some "back to basics" days that I really needed. And it was so good to feel so much love and warmth these days. Thank you! (smiley face)
Norway 2007 attendee

Thank you so much. I have waited for what seems an eternity to be part of such an experience. It was wonderful to have a sense of the international birthwork community.
Norway 2007 attendee

Every workshop gave me something new and lots of new ideas and energy, of course.
Norway 2007 attendee

Costa Rica—May 2007

Thanks to all who worked to put together that conference!! I will never be the same!
Costa Rica 2007 attendee

Eugene, Oregon—March 2007

This conference always grounds and inspires me at the same time. It [re]connects me with my passion for Birth, women, babies, and families and recharges me. Thanks, Midwifery Today! You rock! Jan rocks!
Eugene 2007 attendee

Thank you, Jan, for all your efforts in organizing. This was a top-of-the-line conference by any standards but along with the subject matter it was astounding.
Eugene 2007 attendee

Bad Wildbad, Germany—October 2006

As always, the congress was a resounding success and grows in its multi-function every year. The inherent change these meetings bring about in the general consciousness of the individual and therefore in the group is far reaching, and therefore tends to global conscious development.
Elizabeth Battenberg, Germany 2006 attendee

Keep up the good work! MT has really helped me strive forward in my work for a better birth. Thanks for empowering and enhancing our trust in birth and for bringing together such wonderful people. Thank you so much.
Elena Piantino, Doula, Switzerland
Germany 2006 attendee

Philadelphia Area—March 2006

This was the most helpful conference I’ve ever been to—really enjoyed the classes and the speakers and the format. Midwifery Today sure does pack it in!! Not too expensive and you offer [plenty of] workshops, sessions, and general meetings.
Philadelphia Area 2006 attendee

Nassau, Bahamas—September 2005

I was happy to see Robbie Davis-Floyd, Dr. Odent, Marina Alzugaray, and all the speakers and midwives sharing ideas and hopes for the future.
Bahamas 2005 attendee

I enjoyed the fellowship and the shared concern held by the midwives present at the conference. As midwives, in spite of our different cultures, we all have one common goal, to return the normal birthing of women to the midwife.
Bahamas 2005 attendee

This was a fantastic conference!
Bahamas 2005 attendee

Interesting and stimulating conference.
Bahamas 2005 attendee

Copenhagen, Denmark—May 2005

I absolutely loved the 5 days I’ve been here. I’ve genuinely learnt new things, reaffirmed things I knew to be true and absorbed so much inner knowledge. Thank you for making me a better midwife!
Denmark 2005 attendee

This conference is a fantastic way to learn, get inspired and get motivated. It is the perfect combination of hardcore research evidence, feminist ranting (mostly by a man?!), spiritual nourishment, and international ideas that will really help midwifery practice. A holistic conference for a holistic profession!
Denmark 2005 attendee

It is really one of the most inspiring moments in my life as a midwife. I’ve found the force coming up within me for women and to believe in their beautiful bodies.
Denmark 2005 attendee

I’ve been extremely inspired and I’ll be going back to work with renewed energy. Every midwife should do this at least, at least, once a year. Thank you for all the inspiring energy!! I feel very privileged to have attended this conference.
Denmark 2005 attendee

Thank you for a very inspiring time. I go from here thinking, "When is my next shift, when am I going to work again?" And it’s been a long time since I’ve been thinking that way.
Denmark 2005 attendee

All the fantastic people from all over the world—both teachers and participants!!
Denmark 2005 attendee

Hi! I attended the conference in Copenhagen last weekend. Thank you for a great conference! Incredibly inspiring and informing.
Denmark 2005 attendee

Dear Midwifery Today, I really want to thank you for the congress in Denmark. It gives me a lot of inspiration, hope and force to change things in my little country.
Denmark 2005 attendee

Eugene, Oregon—March 2005

Midwifery Today is such a blessing for us young ones coming up—it’s a place where we can plug into the source. Thank you for your big hearts and hard work.
Eugene 2005 attendee

The conference blew me away! I am still in a space of awe and deep gratitude for the inspiration and knowledge I was gifted there! Thank you so much for nourishing my passion and first steps into the path of midwifery.
Eugene 2005 attendee

The break-out sessions were wonderful small groups for discussion. Just being among all these strong, powerful women was uplifting/overwhelming.
Eugene 2005 attendee

I really appreciate your time and efforts put into these conferences (this was my third!). It is a very important investment for our profession!
Eugene 2005 attendee

It was inspiring. All the sessions I went to I gained much information and ideas. Networking was great, too. I’ll be back again.
Eugene 2005 attendee

I am not a midwife yet, and this experience has had the greatest impact on me. I am so grateful. Keep up the good work.
Eugene 2005 attendee

I was so, so happy to be here, my head is of full of ideas and joy and reasons to fight and not lose the faith and hope. Thank you so much for making this possible.
Eugene 2005 attendee

Thank you, thank you, to all the planners of this conference and to those who worked tirelessly to make every session and every day so wonderful. I know it does not happen by accident.
Eugene 2005 attendee

Thanks and gratitude—feelings that don’t have sufficient words to describe them. I have been filled and nourished by the people here this weekend. I had gotten so empty; I didn’t realize how much I needed it. But I am full now and have so much to share again. Thank you.
Eugene 2005 attendee

I feel I have wasted the last 20 years! The conference opened my eyes to midwifery! It has given me lots to consider! It has given me space to think!
Eugene 2005 attendee

Bad Wildbad, Germany—October 2004

I just want to tell you how wonderful it was to be with such rich, exciting and interesting people, full of faith and enthusiasm! Thank you for the work you are doing in organizing such conferences.
Agnes Keller, Germany 2004 attendee

Eugene, Oregon—2003

This conference gave me hope for healing and trust in a world so bent on hate and destruction. I needed this conference for renewal of not only birth energy and knowledge but also life energy and hope.
Eugene 2003 attendee

The welcoming and loving atmosphere of this conference just overwhelmed me. It’s really inspiring and heartwarming to see so many women (and men) who truly line up to the calling to love, guide, teach and lift. What an affirming way to start my midwifery journey. Thank you all so much.
Eugene 2003 attendee

All expectations met +++. I’ve been to a lot of Ritz/Carlton-style conferences, but I have to say this conference was the most well organized, interesting and compelling conference I’ve ever been to!
Eugene 2003 attendee

This conference gave me what I needed—lots of reminders of why I became a midwife and love to practice midwifery; a great relief from burn-out.
Eugene 2003 attendee

I am just speechless because every one I’ve heard speak so far is so knowledgable, open and wonderful.
Eugene 2003 attendee

I laughed, I cried, I loved, I learned and I now know for sure that midwifery is in my blood and that midwives will save birth as a passage from losing its ancient roots.
Eugene 2003 attendee

Miscellaneous Testimonials

Dear Midwifery Today conference staff. The Paris (2001) conference was fantastic, I like to thank you for all the work that went into both preparation and while at the conference. Midwifery Today, Jan and every one deserves a great BIG THANK YOU HUG. Keep up the good work.
With love,
Marina Alzugaray
Comadres Institute

The conference in Eugene was outstanding. I have already had follow-up calls from a nurse-midwife in Seattle and a nurse-midwife in California. They both appreciated the conference and the way it is bringing together all the various kinds of midwives. Please do give my congratulations to your entire staff.
Marsden Wagner, M.D., Author/teacher

The Eugene conference was absolutely incredible! The speakers were great, inspirational, strengthening. I just had such a fantastic time, it’s hard to put it into words.
Judy Edmunds, midwife, teacher and attendee at the 1995 Midwifery Today West Coast Conference

I want to thank you and the Midwifery Today staff for taking me under your wing and making the Eugene conference one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I was so impressed by the kindness and competence of everyone with whom I came in contact.
Henci Goer, 1995 attendee

"Thank you so much! This was the very best midwifery conference I’ve ever attended: so supportive, so affirming and so educational. It was a special treat to meet Mabel Dzata and Harriette Hartigan. I was blessed through and through!"
Lois, 1995 East Coast attendee

"At lunch, I sat with midwives from New York, California and Georgia. What a delight, these wise women! Our eager sharing of personal experiences like long-lost sisters, without regard to practice place or title, remains an outstanding gift unique to Midwifery Today’s Conferences."
Judy Edmunds, 1995 West Coast attendee

"I left the conference renewed and inspired in my own work. My vision for my future is clearer now. I hope CNMs and other midwives of different backgrounds can continue to grow and learn from each other in a powerful and productive way. These conferences are so important!"
Melanie Wice, 1995 West Coast attendee

"I’m still feeling high from the wonderful Midwifery Today conference. I’m also feeling prepared, armed with the research and wisdom of Marsden Wagner and Henci Goer, to educate our practitioners regarding the latest research and how it conflicts with standard obstetric care."
Vera Vos, 1995 West Coast attendee

"So much great information and wisdom was shared by the likes of Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin, Sr. Angela and so many other wonderful midwives. Just sitting in on the Tricks of the Trade circle was worth at least two weeks of academic learning!"
Lori, 1995 East Coast attendee

"The conference renewed my faith in midwifery as a skill and knowledge-based profession, but also one where there is deep personal commitment. In one particular session we were asked, "What brought you into midwifery?" The answers were wide-ranging and diverse, but all concerned shared a common vision that there has to be a gentler way of bringing our children into this world."
Dianne Garland, United Kingdom, attendee at the Fourth Annual Midwifery Today West Coast Conference, Eugene, Oregon, June 1995

"I want to congratulate you on an outstanding job in New York (at the First Annual Midwifery Today East Coast Conference). All of your hard work, enthusiasm, dedication, and talents came together and blossomed into one of the most inspiring, reaffirming weekends of my life. The entire conference—the people I met, the ideas that were shared, the energy and enthusiasm—was such a needed ‘shot in the arm’ for me. Thank you for providing our area with such a rich experience."
Janet Ortolani Devino, Huntington, NY, USA

"Once again you pulled off a wonderful conference. I think folks got what they came for. My thanks to all your staff."
Sister Angela Murdaugh, CNM, West Laco, TX, USA

"I must agree with everyone who attended and say that the 1995 Pacific Rim conference was one of the best I have ever attended. You did a wonderful job organizing things!"
Shelagh M. Carrick, California, USA