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Eloïse Maeva CiceronEloïse Maeva Ciceron is a midwife, doula instructor, childbirth educator and postpartum/lactation consultant currently based in Colombia. She studied midwifery in Mexico, with Nueve Lunas in Oaxaca and apprenticed at Luna Maya birth center in the state of Chiapas. She is also a certified doula and has been working with Birth Arts International as the Spanish and French doula instructor since 2009. She also completed a professional certification program with Laura Gutman in Argentina and incorporates this method into the care she provides to women and their families. She is currently studying Chinese Medicine in Colombia.

Eloïse is a strong supporter and active participant of the worldwide humanisation of birth movement and has actively been a member of various midwifery and doula organisations throughout Latin America and written several articles on different aspects of midwifery and doula care. She is currently the midwife and coordinator of a home birth team in Cali, Colombia, called ALUNA which hopes to open a birth center soon, and is a founding member of Asociación Parir. Read more about Eloïse here.

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