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Cynthia Ingar and Peruvian midwifeCynthia Ingar is a medical anthropologist (MA) and women’s health educator from Peru. She is also a doula, breastfeeding counselor, and provides female therapies centered in the reconnection with our womb. She is committed to the work with Women, through research and work on reproductive health, including accompanying women in birth. She has applied her research work in different Andean contexts and in the city of Lima through her work in reproductive health programs and campaigns. She has been dedicated to KillaWarmi Project since 2008, a reproductive health intercultural project designed to empower Andean women and girls through unbiased knowledge, the strengthening of Andean traditional midwifery and the remembering of Andean feminine wisdom and spirituality. She also gives women’s workshops in South and North America centered in the reconnection with Woman Medicine through our bodies and cycles, and provides menstrual health education to girls at local schools. Cynthia tells us, “I am committed to the Remembering of our Ancestors Wisdom and of the Rainbow Prophecy of Condor and Eagle coming together again.”



  •—La Liga de la Leche Perú (La Leche League International, Peru), an organization that gives free information and support to mothers and pregant women on breastfeeding
  •—CEPREN/Red Peruana de Lactancia (Peruvian Network of Breastfeeding)