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Ana Polona Mivsek, Ana Pavec and Zalka Drglin

Zalka Drglin photoZalka Drglin, PhD in women’s studies and feminist theory, is a researcher at the Institute of Public Health of Republic of Slovenia, consultant for perinatal mental health problems, leader of the programs in the Natural Beginnings Society (see below), country representative for IMBCO, and external teacher at the Midwifery department at Health Faculty in Ljubljana.

Zalka translated Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth and Marsden Wagner’s Creating Your Birth Plan into the Slovene language. She is dedicated to reconsideration of the essence of the very core of motherhood: of childbirth in the symbiosis of nature and culture; about the confluence of his/her-story and vision, traditional wisdom and modern science; about the actual need for integration of (bodily) skills of women and midwives, concise thinking and ethic towards excellent holistic maternity care worldwide.

Ana Polona Mivsek has practised midwifery for five years, the first two in the delivery room, and currently as the head of midwifery department at the college of health studies. Polona does practical training with students in the delivery room.

Ana Pavec is one of several aspiring doulas in a country where independent midwifery needs to be re-established and midwives need to learn to "be" rather than to "do." She is a promoter of natural and family-centered childbirth. She is a helping member of the society Natural Beginnings, and seeks to empower women through support groups, childbirth education classes. Ana is the author of the Web site S TEBOJ SEM, "I am with you" (about natural childbirth and doulas). She shares her vision of the future of birth and midwifery: scientifical knowledge and womanly intuition come into tune with each other, both empower women to give birth in their own way. Ana speaks English, German and Slovene.


  • Association of nurse-midwives of Slovenia
  • Natural Beginnings Society—the society for education, free choice and support in pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. An NGO officially established in 2000, dedicated to improvement in maternity care in Slovenia. The society organizes childbirth and parenthood preparation classes and provides information about maternal (and family) mental health and offers supportive care and healing. The organization spreads awareness about rights in the health system. In 2010 they translated the International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative in Slovene and proposed Maternity Care Initiative for excellent maternity care in Slovenia, named “Our common goal: Excellent maternity care.”
  • Maternity Care Initiative—(available in English)
  • Woman-centered childbirth Internet forum
  • Gynaecology/obstetrics Internet forum