Midwifery Today, Issue 122, Summer 2017
Theme: Homebirth

Issue 12: Homebirth

Cover photo by Katie Mathis
Katie Mathis Birth Photography

Homebirth is a topic that our readers can never get enough of, so we made it the theme of this issue. The offerings range from four unique birth stories, two articles that advise what to take to a homebirth, midwives' thoughts on homebirth in the past and present and a number of other articles dealing with related subjects, such as complications and prolonged second stage.


Poetry: What Midwifery Means
Carissa Baumgartner
From the Editor: There's No Place like Home
Jan Tritten
Jan discusses the microbiome and how home is the best place for a baby to be born. She shares her own birth story and the various reasons that homebirth is the ideal kind of birth.
Marion’s Message: Learning from Each Other with Midwifery Today
Marion Toepke McLean
In this column, Marion reflects on what she learned from Elizabeth Davis's presentation on brainwaves and what they reflect in unborn babies, birthing babies and mothers in labor.
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Why Choose Homebirth
Maryl Smith
Midwife Maryl Smith interviews a hospital L&D nurse who gives her perspective on why she chose homebirth for her babies.
Choosing Freedom Means Taking Responsibility
Ina May Gaskin
Well-loved midwife Ina May Gaskin discusses the state of homebirth in the Netherlands.
Birth at Home vs. Birth “Elsewhere”
Michel Odent
A thought-provoking article discussing the placenta, the microbiome and why homebirth is the ideal.
Three Cases of Prolonged Second Stage Labor: Lasting 14, 17 and 24 Hours
Judy Slome Cohain
The author challenges the status quo of time limits in labor. With illustrative photos, she shares her personal experiences with long second stage labors with moulding—noting the lack of documented causation between the status quo and adverse outcomes.
My Journey into Homebirth: A Midwife's Perspective
Debra Fiore
A midwife shares the winding path through her journey to becoming and being a midwife.
Homebirth—The Power of One
Sister Morningstar
Sister MorningStar shares some of her inspirational stories from around the world, through which she advocates for undisturbed homebirth.
Homebirth Herbal First Aid Kit
Susun Weed
Learn about the herbs to have on hand when attending a homebirth or giving birth at home.
“The Sainted Ann Hutchinson”: Midwife of Grace (1591–1643)’
Jane Beal
Another of Jane Beal’s series of stories about midwives in history. This story features Anne Hutchinson—who figured prominently in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.
Sweet Surrender
Cherrie Lynn Fors-Newman
Drawing from the power of her descendents and her desire to birth at home, the author surrenders herself to powerful birth.
Amish Birth
Ireena Keeslar
Like all of her stories of midwifing to the Amish community, this one is a joy to read. Keeslar has a gift of painting a picture of the setting and how homebirth is amazing yet mundane.
Rainbow Baby
Debbie Brown
After her sixth delivery and loss of a baby, the author finally gets the homebirth she dreamed of.
It Takes a Team: A Sunrise Homebirth
Amber Coleman
The author shares her homebirth story, focusing not only on the powerful experience but on how her birth team was integral to it.
The Homebirth Midwife’s Portable Office: Her Car!
Regina Willette
This practical article covers important items that a homebirth midwife should keep in her to car so she is prepared for anything.
Homebirth: Now and Then
Diane Goslin
Midwife Diane Goslin highlights how homebirth has not changed, but the culture of birth has.
A New Relief Technique for a Common Pregnancy Complaint
Joseph A. Kleman
Did you know that pain in the hands can be a common symptom in late pregnancy? This massage therapist shares his solution, which avoids the need for common medical or surgical intervention.
Managing GBS
Jane Beal
This well-researched article provides midwives with up-to-date information on how to deal with group B strep in pregnancy.
Where are the Future Midwives?
Elise Larson
The author argues that midwives have the power to change the current culture that does not value their role in birth. She suggests that mentoring and spreading awareness of their role will help to accomplish this.
An Itch That Can Kill
Hilary Boyer
Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) is a liver disorder that can lead to adverse outcomes for the baby—including stillbirth. Learn about how to identify it early and ensure that the mother receives treatment to minimize risk.