Midwifery Today, Issue 83, Autumn 2007

Issue 83: Breech Birth/Animal Birth
Theme: Breech Birth/Animal Birth
Cover photo by Amber Jordan

Midwifery Today Issue 83 contains articles describing successful breech births, as well as giving pointers on incorporating breech birth into a midwifery practice. You will also learn about some of the commonalities between human and animal birth, and how animal birth still gets the reverence and quiet that midwives strive for in a normal birth. Once you start reading this issue, you won’t be able to put it down!


From the Editor: Who Are the Statistics?
Jan Tritten
Listening to Mothers II survey covers statistics on the frequency of various birth interventions. Editor Jan Tritten puts a face on the women and babies behind these statistics and argues that we need to stop interfering in birth.
Tricks of the Trade
Midwifery Model of Care: On Breech Birth
Carol Gautschi
Midwife Carol Gautschi shares some of her experiences and suggests ways in which were can bring midwifery, rather than med-wifery, to helping with breech births.
Marion’s Message: The Safest Kind of Breech
Marion Toepke McLean
Sharing our birth stories is one way of teaching midwives their trade. Marion tells the story of a frank breech presentation, describing the steps in how the birth occurred.
Media Reviews
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Photo Album


Veronica Wagner
Thoughts on Breech Birth
Gloria Lemay
Web Resources for Breech Birth
Making a Difference: You Can Be an Agent of Change
Christa Bartley
Nancy Wainer: Supporting Birthing Women
Julie Brill
Turning Breech Babies after 34 Weeks: The If, How, When of Turning Breech Babies
Judy Slome Cohain
Caleb’s Birth
Nikki Dauphin
Breech Birth from a Primal Health Research Perspective
Michel Odent
The Power of Georgina
Sister MorningStar
Kristin Eggleston
Marinah Valenzuela Farrell
A Surprise Breech
Ireena Keeslar
Beautiful Breech Homebirth
Anonymous in Albuquerque
Rosetta Thuresson
Beth Barbeau
Horse Birth
Casey Makela
The Story of the Weeping Camel
Dale Bernucca
Midwifing a Difficult Kidding
Cheryl K. Smith
Too Good to Be True
Amanda Bird
The Issues Associated with Postpartum Major Depression
Chantel Haynes
The Function of Joy in Pregnancy
Michel Odent
The Business of Midwifery: Practice Design I
Linda Lieberman

International Midwife

Cards & Letters
Protecting Women from Exploitation—Interview with an Anonymous Midwife
Wanda Walker
The Underside of the World: An American CPM’s View of Midwifery in New Zealand
Darjee Sahala
Marsden Wagner
La Partería Global—Tradicional y Oficial—y la Humanización del Nacimiento
Marsden Wagner
Improving Health in Assam, India
Rondi Anderson