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Normalizing the Breech Delivery (DVD)
Problems & Complications, DVDs
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NTSC (US, Canada and some other countries. See description.)

By Midwives Valerie El Halta and Rahima Baldwin Dancy, CPM
Produced by Amanda A. Smith, MFA

Anyone attending women in labor needs to know how to deliver a breech—whether or not they intend to do breech deliveries in their practice. Valerie El Halta and Rahima Baldwin Dancy are nationally-known midwives, authors, midwifery educators and former co-directors of The Birth Center in Dearborn, Michigan. In this video they share their expertise in the clearest, most detailed teaching video currently available on this important subject.

The DVD includes:

  • a Breech Scoring System to help evaluate risk for a vaginal delivery
  • detailed consideration of the normal breech labor and delivery through sensitive footage of the birth of a first baby in the frank breech position
  • review of the key points for diagnosing and delivering a frank breech, using a doll and pelvis
  • what to do if there are complications (using the doll and pelvis and artist’s drawings)
  • special consideration when a breech is footling, with footage of the second twin born in this position
  • discussion of various positions for the mother in delivering a breech baby
  • This video makes it clear that a breech delivery should not be undertaken by an inexperienced practitioner. However, it reflects the midwives’ experience and conviction that everyone who attends pregnant women should have basic knowledge of the breech delivery.

    The video is designed for use:

  • in all midwifery training programs and medical schools
  • by EMT training and nursing programs, labor and delivery in-services, etc.
  • for independent study by experienced midwives and midwifery students who want to learn more about breech deliveries
  • as an educational tool for clients if a provider does breech deliveries
  • 1987, 36 minutes.
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    This DVD is available in the following format:
      •NTSC ( playable in the US, Canada, and other countries )

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