Mother-To-Be: A Guide to Pregnancy and Birth for Women with Disabilities
by Judith Rogers and Molleen Matsumura

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This very optimistic and comprehensive guide to pregnancy as experienced by women with disabilities is written for the expectant woman, but also has much valuable information for those who providce their prenatal care. Advice is also included for differently-abled women who are contemplating the impact of pregnancy on their bodies and lives.

The book's major strength is in the survey results that list physical changes and challenges that were the result of pregnancy for each of 36 diabled women. Some are charted as pregnancy-related, some as disability-specific, and some are the result of both conditions. Midwifery and out-of-hospital birth are viewed as positive and plausible options, depending on individual circumstances. Also very helpful are the practical discussions of adjusting to postpartum life.

This guide takes an open-minded approach and makes honest assessments. It is a welcome addition to an under-represented category of prenatal literature.