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Trauma and Healing (E-book)

A Collection of Articles from Midwifery Today Magazine

Edited by Cheryl K. Smith

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Beth S. Barbeau

Beth S. Barbeau, CPM, LM, began attending births at age 16 with the “Motor City Midwives” of Detroit, Michigan, in 1979. She came of age with traditional apprenticeships that began with Anne Frye and Harriette Hartigan, and has had her own homebirth midwife practice in Michigan since 1998. She recently became a certified and licensed… Read more…. Beth S. Barbeau

Becoming a Trauma-sensitive Birthkeeper

Working with women in a very difficult period as a doula and counsellor, I see it as integral to not neglect the unresolved effects of the past on the needs, behaviour, and emotions of my clients. While some of my clients are open, have a positive view of the future, and are filled with joy, others are tied to their old traumatic experiences and belief systems.  Read more…. Becoming a Trauma-sensitive Birthkeeper

Survivor Moms, Women's Stories of Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse

Survivor Moms: Women’s Stories of Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse

Mickey Sperlich and Julia Seng

You need Survivor Moms if you are a survivor, a midwife, a mental health provider or if you know a survivor who is on this path. This book will teach you about abuse, mothering and the ongoing journey of healing and surviving. It will also help you discover what you can do to help.

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Supporting Sexual Abuse Survivors in Childbirth

One in three women in the US has experience childhood sexual abuse. This article provides information key to supporting these women during all parts of the childbearing year.  Read more…. Supporting Sexual Abuse Survivors in Childbirth

Bad Wildbad 2023 Program

Midwifery Today Conference Bad Wildbad, Germany • 11–15 October 2023 “Birthing in Love: Everyone’s Right” Register Facebook Group Wednesday • 11 October 2023 • Pre-Conference Choose one full-day class: A1 – A4 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm A1 Midwifery Skills — Johanna Honkanen, Carol Gautschi, and Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos 9:00 am – 10:30 am Magic… Read more…. Bad Wildbad 2023 Program

Breaking the Silence

Midwives can not only help to prevent birth trauma, but can provide therapeutic healing. Learn about how you can be a valuable support person. Read more…. Breaking the Silence

Birth Behind Bars: The Difference Trauma-informed Doula Care Can Make

With mass incarceration in the US, we now have more women of childbearing age in prison than ever before. Lieser discusses the shortcomings of giving birth behind bars, and how doulas can help support these women to have a better birth. Read more…. Birth Behind Bars: The Difference Trauma-informed Doula Care Can Make

Eugene Conference 2019

Midwifery Today Conference Eugene, Oregon, USA • March 31 – April 3, 2019 “Reclaiming the Joy of Midwifery and Birth” Monet Moutrie— Program Facebook Group We have a rich program planned for you. While our goal is to learn about important and serious subjects, joy and fun are also part of our conference plan! We… Read more…. Eugene Conference 2019

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Strasbourg, France, 2016

Midwifery Today Conference Strasbourg, France • 19–24 October 2016 “Birth Is a Human Rights Issue” Marketing Flyer (English) (opens a PDF) Event Program (English) (opens a PDF) Contenu Des Sessions (en français) (opens a PDF) Imprimable Combinaison (en français) (opens a PDF) Conference Overview From Midwifery Today E-News editorial by Jan Tritten The recent Midwifery… Read more…. Strasbourg, France, 2016

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