Shoulder Dystocia Handbook

Are you prepared to handle shoulder dystocia?

While shoulder dystocia happens infrequently, when it does occur being prepared can save a life.

Order this educational booklet from Midwifery Today and read about shoulder dystocia management, techniques and experiences. You’ll find birth stories, tricks of the trade and heartfelt accounts of shoulder dystocia moments that will reveal the reality and give you confidence to deal with this complication. Authors include Marion Toepke McLean, Gloria Lemay, Gail Hart, Mayri Sagady, Sara Wickham, Jill Cohen and many others.

Over 60 pages, 51/2"x 8". $18 plus shipping.

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Audio Tapes

You may also choose from three handpicked conference audiotapes:

  • Surviving Shoulder Dystocia - Ina May Gaskin, Eugene, Oregon 1997
    971T629 $9
  • Shoulder Dystocia - Judy Edmunds, Portland, Oregon 1998
    981T821 $9
  • Shoulder Dystocia - Anne Frye, Eugene, Oregon 1996
    961T442 $9