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Fernando Molina is a family physician, male midwife and prenatal educator from Venezuela. He now lives in Eugene, Oregon, where he works as a Traditional Midwife with Eugene’s renowned midwife Anita Rojas, doing exclusively homebirths. He also teaches “Magical Beginnings,” a comprehensive prenatal course designed to embrace the soul, mind and body for a happy… Read more…. Venezuela


Amy Nacht and Jo Anne Lindberg Amy Nacht is a certified nurse-midwife (CNM), who speaks Spanish as well as English. She has worked in homes, birth centers, and in hospitals, first as a direct entry midwife and now a CNM. She has taught childbirth education and prenatal and postnatal yoga. Amy is currently involved with… Read more…. USA

United Kingdom

Verona Hall, Leah Hazard, and Lina Duncan Verona Hall has been a midwife since 1996 and has had an independent midwifery practice since 2002. She is also a nurse and became a certified lactation consultant in 2005. Verona teaches preparation for birth and workshops on breastfeeding, homebirth, first aid and resuscitation. She devised a training… Read more…. United Kingdom


Anne Sokol and Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko Anne Sokol, an American missionary/teacher, lives in Ukraine with her husband, Vitaliy, who is Ukrainian. Anne reports that birthing practices in Ukraine are starting to change and more and more people are becoming interested in midwifery and homebirth. Anne is very interested in childbirth and maternity issues and welcomes contact… Read more…. Ukraine


Leila Mostofi is a Bachelor of Specialized Midwifery and works in Alwasl Hospital, the biggest maternity governmental hospital in UAE which is specialized only for maternity and pediatrics. Leila works in the labour suite as one of only four specialized midwives. She plans to expand breastfeeding awareness in hospital. Leila speaks English, Arabic and Farsi.… Read more…. UAE


Edwidge Kezaabu and Violet Kengyeya Edwidge Kezaabu, completed her Masters in Public Health in 2012, with a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation, BA Community Development, Diplomas in Midwifery and Nursing, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology. She is involved also in counselling in reproductive health-related issues, community outreach… Read more…. Uganda


Elizabeth Soubelet and Esra Çömezoğlu Elizabeth Soubelet says: “There is a lot of work to be done here as we have the same problem as Brazil: nearly 100% of middle-class women have cesareans! It is impossible to have a VBAC and there are no birth centers or independent midwives in the cities (the countryside is… Read more…. Turkey

Trinidad Tobago

Debrah Lewis a founding member of the Trinidad & Tobago Association of Midwives. She is Midwife/Director of the Mamatoto Resource & Birth Centre, where they started doing births in 2008, including waterbirths. Her goal for international midwifery: “To see a network in my region—the Caribbean—and ultimately the world.” If you would like to be a… Read more…. Trinidad Tobago


Su-Chen Kuo teaches in the Graduate Institute of Nurse-Midwifery, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences in Taipei. Although she is not currently a practicing midwife, she spends a lot of time on the promotion of breastfeeding. As part of that, she conducted a project training volunteers to support breastfeeding mothers in the community.… Read more…. Taiwan


Estibar Bashoosh studied at Damascus University, Nursing and Midwifery School for five years, graduating in 2016. She then joined University Hospital Obstetrics to continue with midwifery, where—despite a lack of medical support—she and her colleagues fought for their dream and managed to achieve a good number of births. Estibar thinks that only studying midwifery is… Read more…. Syria


Demetria Clark is the Global Director of Birth Arts International (, Heart of Herbs Herbal School ( and a midwife assistant and doula living and working in Basel, Switzerland, and the tri-country region of Switzerland, Germany and France. If you would like to be a country contact, please fill out the form here.

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