Aruba is under the Dutch medical system and everyone here has a general insurance, which pays for all your prenatal visits and care. You are automatically under the care of any midwife you choose. Mothers categorized as “high risk” fall directly under an obstetrician’s care. VBAC is a requirement here, which is nice; however, the obstetricians are very impatient, as we already know. Under the general insurance, every single thing is covered, even c-sections.

We do have what is called “kraam hulp” in Holland, which is postnatal nurse care, but it is not yet covered by the insurance and can be pretty costly. It’s more traditional in our culture that family helps out around the home following a birth. We also have a pretty generous 12 weeks of 100%-paid maternity leave.

I am also a board member and the second treasurer of our only nonprofit breastfeeding organization.
That is a little bit about our tiny island of Aruba.

Wendy Martijn-Maduro
San Nicolas, Aruba

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