Ngu Florence Patang has worked in labour and delivery units of hospitals, health centers and in remote areas. She is currently involved in projects to improve nutrition for mother and child in the 1st 1000 days, and the prevention of malaria and HIV/AIDS, maternal and child mortality, and postpartum hemorrhage. Florence trained as a nurse-midwife (SRN/SCM) in Jos, Nigeria, and also did a diploma in Mass Communications at the University of Jos, Nigeria. She is a registered member in both nursing and midwifery councils in Nigeria and Cameroon.

Florence tells Midwifery Today how she envisions the future of birth and midwifery: “To move to a higher level, where there will be one midwife to about two pregnant women for effective management to prevent maternal and infant mortality, thus making the midwifery profession unique.” Florence speaks English and French.

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