Mónica Guitart and Francisca Orchard

Mónica Guitart is chief midwife at Clínica Santa María, where midwives are committed to educating women and couples about developing a loving relationship with the fetus during the pregnancy, preparing for natural delivery and subsequently loving care of the babies. Midwives, in our center now, prepare mothers for natural delivery with yoga course, hypnosis, acupuncture, raiki and other natural medicine.

Francisca Orchard is an independant midwife, MS, and also a lactation consultant. She is interested in creating networks for Chilean professionals with the rest of the world. She believes that birth is a normal process and that one of the best practices to diminish our cesarean rates is to work under the midwifery model and to reduce medicalization of births. Francisca tells Midwifery Today, “Chile has a powerful interventional model of care for labor, with a high rate of inductions and many women are looking for a different way to give birth.”

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