Dominican Republic

Shalena King and Veronica Torah

Shalena King has been a labor and delivery Registered Nurse for 12 years and is now a Traditional Midwifery student. She has helped thousands of babies come into the world under all types of circumstances and environments. She is Executive Director of Midwives for the Dominican Republic, an organization dedicated to bringing midwifery to the Dominican Republic.

Shalena says her goal is for every woman in every country to have a choice and a voice and adequate access to midwifery care. She further tells Midwifery Today: “I envision the world beginning to look at birth not as a medical complication but as a natural, normal process of life. I envision midwives being used for all low-risk pregnancies and births, and physicians using their skills for more complicated pregnancies, surgery and disease processes occurring during a woman’s pregnancy.”

Shalena speaks English and Spanish.

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