Françoise Bardes and Hélène Goninet

Françoise Bardes was born in Paris, France. She was a midwife at La Protection Maternelle et Infantile (PMI) for three years, followed by 14 years at the University of Paris (institute Mutaliste Montsouris). She has gained a new kind of birth experience in the last year by attending homebirths.

Hélène Goninet has been a midwife since 1992, attending home births. She gave birth herself at home in 1983 and that gave her the desire to become a midwife. Hélène “met” Midwifery Today at the conference in Strasbourg, France, in 2010 and enjoyed meeting midwives and doulas from all other the world “who think like me!” She believes all babies should have the most natural birth possible and should be welcomed in the most gentle way, and that mothers should be well treated all over the world.

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