Abena Odum Okra has been serving women in Ghana through the maternal/child health services. She started childbirth education in 2000 as an intervention to remove the high level of ignorance that birthing women were faced with. She is also a guest speaker on a radio talk show on reproductive health and women’s health. She is an advocate of natural birth, improving maternity care and women’s empowerment. She initiated Eve’s Foundation (see below), a program to help educate the birthing community and to help reduce the high rate of maternal deaths in Ghana.

Abena is a single mother of two boys, Kwame and Nana. She qualified as a state registered nurse (SRN) in 1983, as a midwife in 1987, and as a public health nurse in 2001. She enlisted in the Ghana Police Service as a nurse in 1992 where she is still employed.

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