Helen Serpetini is an Independent Midwife who graduated from TEI (university) of Athens, in Midwifery School in 2004. She is currently involved with waterbirth, homebirth and natural birth (both inside clinics and at home). She manages the only Greek website for waterbirth ( Helen’s goals for international midwifery are that all midwives are united and well educated in order to help awakening women. She says, “Women have the right to know their options in childbirth. Women must stop surrendering their bodies, their souls and their babies in bad health care providers.“

Helen tells Midwifery Today, “As far as I remember (even when I was 10 years old), I always wanted to become the woman who helps others to give birth. … I hope there will be one day that all pregnant women will have the birth of their dreams and that we (midwives, OBs, pediatricians, pregnant women, mothers and families) treat newborns and babies with the respect and dignity they deserve.” Helen is proficient in Greek and English.

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