Mindy Levy has been a midwife for since 1995, 10 working in the hospital, six as a homebirth midwife. She also owns and runs a birth center called Agoola and has been involved in educating midwives, doulas and childbirth educators for 13 years. She is a founding member a project in which Israeli and Palestinian midwives meet in order to participate in a dialogue where they can discuss midwifery, mothering, birth and life.

Mindy tell us: “We believe in peace through midwifery. I do volunteer work with pregnant and postpartum women who have fled from Sudan and Eritrea, have crossed the Israeli-Egyptian border and are currently living in Israel as refugees. I am also involved in a midwifery project in Tanzania called FLEMAFA which is now committed to building a maternity waiting house in Kisarawe in an attempt to solve the life-threatening problems of a lack of transportation solutions in times of birth emergencies.”

Mindy speaks English and Hebrew.

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