Suzanne Dwaik is a culturally diverse, American-Jordanian citizen and mother of two, with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science. She has contributed to the work of several humanitarian NGOs providing mental health, protection and medical services to Syrian refugees in both urban and camp settings. She has received training in MHGAP (mental health integration in primary health care), sexual gender-based violence with the UNHCR, reproductive health and Minimal Intervention Service Package (MISP) with the UNFPA. She has additional education in epidemics, behavioral medicine, and innovation in health care. Her aim is to pursue a Masters degree in Global Health Policy, to more effectively promote women empowerment and an integrated, evidence-based approach to health care. She is currently employed as a study nurse and research assistant at Doctors without Borders’ (MSF) Amman project.

Suzanne’s passion for midwifery began with her own childbearing experience, prompting her to investigate the global and local trends in maternity care. She shared her personal birth experience in an article for Midwifery Today, Issue 108.

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