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Helena Lindgren Helena Lindgren is a midwife who has assisted home deliveries since 1996. She is currently researching planned home births as PhD student. If you would like to be a country contact, please fill out the form here.

South Sudan

Sunday Taabu is planning a Midwifery Pilot Project to train 42 women: 3 women from each of the 10 states and 4 regions of Abyei, Blue Nile, S. Kordofan (Nuba Mountain) and Darfur. The goal is to train them as trainers who will train others in their regions. Her long-term goal is to establish a… Read more…. South Sudan

South Africa

Ruth Ehrhardt, Robyn Sheldon, Marianne Littlejohn, and Haaritha Binkowski Ruth Ehrhardt is a CPM (NARM), a doula (WOMBS—ZA) / Paramanadoula—UK), and a Helping Babies Breathe facilitator and trainer. She lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa with Marianne Littlejohn of Birthrite Midwifery. With colleague Lana Petersen, she started Home Birth South Africa in 2010,… Read more…. South Africa


Ana Polona Mivsek, Ana Pavec, Zalka Drglin, and Willma Andreja Kolenc Zalka Drglin, PhD in women’s studies and feminist theory, is a researcher at the Institute of Public Health of Republic of Slovenia, consultant for perinatal mental health problems, leader of the programs in the Natural Beginnings Society (see below), country representative for IMBCO, and… Read more…. Slovenia


Iveta Jancigova is a Slovak mother, currently a PhD student in applied informatics in Zilina, Slovakia. Her two children were born in United States where she lived for 6 years. After the first experience with US hospital birth she decided to have her second child at home with the assistance of certified professional midwives. The… Read more…. Slovakia

Saudi Arabia

Aisha Alhajjar is an American midwife (BSM and CPM) married to a Saudi. She began assessing and stimulating the birth culture in Saudi Arabia since her arrival in the country in 2010. She has created an Islamic childbirth education and doula program, AMANI Birth, and has trained numerous childbirth teachers and doulas with materials available… Read more…. Saudi Arabia


Katerina Perkhova and Veronika Nazarova Katerina Perkhova, editor in chief Domashniy Rebenok (Home Child) magazine, journalist, photographer and mother of two homebirthed children. Katerina and her husband, Philip Perkhov, the magazine’s publisher and art director, say they first envisioned their magazine after their second child, Masha, was born at home, surrounded by a close group… Read more…. Russia


Vania Limban is an independent midwife and a spokesperson for the Romanian Midwives Association. She is very involved in the de-medicalisation of birth. Her areas of interest include childbirth education, pregnancy massage and teaching. She has been a practicing midwife since 1980. If you would like to be a country contact, please fill out the… Read more…. Romania

Puerto Rico

Debbie Díaz Ortiz, CPM, MPH, began her midwifery career as an apprentice to Rully Delgado, a Puerto Rican traditional midwife, in 1986. Today they are colleagues. In 1992 she went to Maternidad La Luz, and from 1993 on worked as a primary caregiver at homebirths in Puerto Rico. She also has worked with traditional midwives… Read more…. Puerto Rico


Mary Zwart is an independent midwife from the Netherlands. She graduated from the Amsterdam Midwifery School in 1969. She received her nursing training at the Leiden Academic Hospital. After traveling, she practiced privately from 1973 to 1996. Then she became involved in changes in Eastern Europe and Russia. Since 2000 she has participated in a… Read more…. Portugal


Cecilia Santos is Consultant for Health Concerns, Philippines Department of the Interior and Local Government. The position is the intermediary between the Department of Health and associations of nurses and midwives. She pioneered the national Midwifery Agenda, which led to the creation and institutionalization of the Philippine League of Government Midwives, Inc., currently the largest… Read more…. Philippines

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