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Aisha Alhajjar is an American midwife (BSM and CPM) married to a Saudi. She began assessing and stimulating the birth culture in Saudi Arabia since her arrival in the country in 2010. She has created an Islamic childbirth education and doula program, AMANI Birth, and has trained numerous childbirth teachers and doulas with materials available in English and Arabic (as well as Indonesian and German) who work in the local communities.

The current midwifery model in Saudi Arabia is more of a hospital obstetric nursing role than it is midwifery; however, she has organized conferences and rallied leaders and champions of autonomous midwifery practice and is a founding board member of the newly formed Saudi Midwifery Group (SMG). SMG is working with the Ministry of Health, which has recently created a Midwifery Task Force (MTF) with recognition that Saudi Arabia would be best served by a midwifery-led birthing culture with need to cultivate 10,000+ midwives over the next five to ten years. With this in mind, teams are in place to develop a national bachelor of science in midwifery (BSM) program using International Confederation of Midwives’ (ICM) standards. There is a lot of work to be done for midwifery and birthing in Saudi Arabia and we are pleased at the visionary steps and support being shown today in concordance with Saudi Arabia’s recent announcement of the Saudi Vision 2030.

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