Iveta Jancigova is a Slovak mother, currently a PhD student in applied informatics in Zilina, Slovakia. Her two children were born in United States where she lived for 6 years. After the first experience with US hospital birth she decided to have her second child at home with the assistance of certified professional midwives. The difference was striking and it later inspired her to get involved in changing birth practices in Slovakia. She is a member of the Slovak movement, “Women’s circles”, consisting mainly of mothers who want to change common birth practices in this country.

Iveta tells Midwifery Today: “My goal as a country contact is to help Slovak midwives to connect with midwives from othercountries and get inspired to bring change to Slovakia. For Slovak midwives, English language is a problem. Therefore I want to serve them as a translator and a point of contact and encourage them to attend international conferences and to make personal contacts abroad.” Iveta’s languages include Slovak, Czech and English.

If you would like to be a country contact, please fill out the form here.

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