Ana Polona Mivsek, Ana Pavec, Zalka Drglin, and Willma Andreja Kolenc

Zalka Drglin, PhD in women’s studies and feminist theory, is a researcher at the Institute of Public Health of Republic of Slovenia, consultant for perinatal mental health problems, leader of the programs in the Natural Beginnings Society (see below), country representative for IMBCO, and external teacher at the Midwifery department at Health Faculty in Ljubljana.

Zalka translated Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth and Marsden Wagner’s Creating Your Birth Plan into the Slovene language. She is dedicated to reconsideration of the essence of the very core of motherhood: of childbirth in the symbiosis of nature and culture; about the confluence of his/her-story and vision, traditional wisdom and modern science; about the actual need for integration of (bodily) skills of women and midwives, concise thinking and ethic towards excellent holistic maternity care worldwide.

Ana Pavec is a professional translator, mother of four children, a DONA certified birth doula and an LLL Leader. She is an activist for human rights in childbirth and author of the Web site S TEBOJ SEM (“I am with you”). She organizes childbirth education classes, supports families in pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and coaches mothers in assertiveness skills through webinars and one-on-one sessions. She is a contact person for her country in the European Doula Network. She speaks English, German and Slovene.

Ana Polona Mivsek has practised midwifery for five years, the first two in the delivery room, and currently as the head of midwifery department at the college of health studies. Polona does practical training with students in the delivery room.

Willma Andreja Kolenc studied physics and worked in marketing, design and other occasional jobs. While preparing for her second birth, she fell in love with birth. Ever since then she has dedicated her efforts to improve birth experiences for mothers/families in Slovenia and around the world. She is a birth activist, international birth conference organizer, prenatal parental class educator, doula and aspiring midwife. She is president of Birth House, an association that offers support, information and help prenatally, at birth and postnatally), and the founder of international home birth day: 6 June. She is an independent breastfeeding consultant and author of a Slovene breastfeeding book. Willma is a mother of four

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