Estibar Bashoosh studied at Damascus University, Nursing and Midwifery School for five years, graduating in 2016. She then joined University Hospital Obstetrics to continue with midwifery, where—despite a lack of medical support—she and her colleagues fought for their dream and managed to achieve a good number of births.

Estibar thinks that only studying midwifery is not enough, that there is a need for workshops and conferences such as those provided by Midwifery Today to further the care and training midwives need to practice in childbirth professionally.

Estibar tells us, “Sadly, war has had severe effects on our hospitals, equipment and experiences, I hope we will recover with the help of networking with others in the global midwifery community. I look forward to elevating my experience and the level of proficiency of midwives in Syria and all the third world countries.”

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