Edwidge Kezaabu and Violet Kengyeya

Edwidge Kezaabu, completed her Masters in Public Health in 2012, with a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation, BA Community Development, Diplomas in Midwifery and Nursing, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology. She is involved also in counselling in reproductive health-related issues, community outreach and home-based care programmes that address maternal and child health. Edwidge has been involved with birth as a midwife, as a trainer of trainers, as a clinical instructor, and as a mother. Her goals for international midwifery are to gain knowledge and share experience and contribute to safe birth and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. She would like to network with other members to share experiences and research findings. Edwidge tells us, “I love my career and would like to save as many women as possible from complications of pregnancy, labour and puerperium.”

Violet Kengyeya is a private midwife since the 1970s who is offering free antenatal checkups to needy mothers in Kampala. She also offers deliveries and care of the child after birth and other services. Violet tells us, “Childbirth and midwifery here is doing a little well but with a lot of challanges; that is why we would love to work with you to see that we get some kind of partnership and more training here.” She seeks to help educate her community.

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