Anne Sokol and Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko

Anne Sokol, an American missionary/teacher, lives in Ukraine with her husband, Vitaliy, who is Ukrainian. Anne reports that birthing practices in Ukraine are starting to change and more and more people are becoming interested in midwifery and homebirth. Anne is very interested in childbirth and maternity issues and welcomes contact by others interested in strengthening the network in Ukraine. View more about Anne here:

Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko is a mother of two (one water homebirth), a PhD student, an activist for the rediscovery and protection of human needs in childbirth, an organiser of Miracle in the Heart social project (since 2014), a publicist, and an educator. She currently serves as the International Affairs Director for Miracle in the Heart project. To learn more, please visit Svetlana tells us: “I’ve been involved with birth after becoming a mother. The topic of birth concerned me the most when I started to have problems with the state registration of my second baby born at home in 2013.” Svetlana has written for Midwifery Today magazine, including the article, “Increasing Networks on Five Continents.”

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