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Verona Hall, Leah Hazard, and Lina Duncan

Verona Hall has been a midwife since 1996 and has had an independent midwifery practice since 2002. She is also a nurse and became a certified lactation consultant in 2005. Verona teaches preparation for birth and workshops on breastfeeding, homebirth, first aid and resuscitation. She devised a training manual for midwifery assistants and in 1997 received the Bounty Midwives Professional Development Award. Her goal in work is using research-based information and her extensive knowledge to help clients and other midwives, thereby raising standards. She may be contacted through her website: www.veronahall.co.uk

Leah Hazard grew up in the United States and graduated from Harvard University before moving to the United Kingdom to pursue a career in journalism and the arts. The birth of her first daughter in 2003 inspired Leah to retrain as a doula, providing birth support to families in homes and hospitals across Central Scotland. In 2006, Leah experienced the joyful birth of her second daughter at home. Since then, she has written articles on birth and parenting for a number of national and international publications, including Midwifery Today, Midwifery Matters, Birth and Beyond, and The Mother magazine. She is also the author of The Father’s Home Birth Handbook (published by Pinter & Martin 2011). Leah lives in Glasgow and is now a student midwife at Glasgow Caledonian University.

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