Midwifery Today Issue 74

Issue 74

Summer 2005

Midwifery Today Issue 74Theme: Complications

Sasha, was photographed by Connie M. Ross three weeks prior to delivering her son, William. Connie M. Ross, a fine art photographer who resides near St. Paul, Minnesota, exclusively photographs expectant mothers in her business, which began several years ago. Connie plans to combine her love of photographing expectant mothers with her PhD research, which includes cultural belief systems of pregnancy rituals. She has traveled throughout the world researching cultures in more than 30 countries. In early 2006, Connie plans to travel through South America photographing pregnant moms during her 10-week trip across the continent. If you or someone you know may wish to participate in a project such as this, please contact Connie at rossco@uwstout.edu or 715-220-2402. To view more of Connie’s work online, please go to www.conniemross.com

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