Belly Mapping Workbook


Gail Tully

Belly mapping empowers a pregnant woman to discover her baby’s position in late pregnancy. This technique can be a fun bonding activity and is often used for proactive childbirth preparation using optimal fetal positioning.

Gail’s calm approach includes affirmations of trusting birth to make this booklet a joy to share with families in a midwife’s care.

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Three steps take mothers from mystery to naming their own baby’s position. A transparency matches the chart of kicks and bulges the mother feels to a fetal drawing. In addition, 100 drawings and photos take the mother and midwife through details of head-down and breech babies. You’ll find tips on noting engagement, how to help baby engage and how to tell if baby is posterior. There is also a short guide to Spinning Babies and posterior labors.

  • Author:  Gail Tully
  • Number of Pages:  46
  • Format and Binding:  Paper—spiral bound
  • Book Dimensions:   8 ¾ inches x 11 inches
  • Publisher:  Maternity House Publishing
  • Publication Date:  2005, 2006, 2010


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